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3 Website Design Tips for Higher Online Conversions

All businesses, regardless of their industry, have a common goal – to make a profit.  It is surprising then to see how many small businesses fail to see their website as a tool for generating revenue, and once it’s initial design and launch is complete, leave it to get lost in the abyss of the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Continuously testing and improving your website in order to increase conversion rate should be at the heart of every online marketing campaign because this can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Capturing the attention of your online market and bringing them to your website is only half the battle – you then need to ensure they enquire further or buy from you.

Let’s explore three proven design changes you can make to your website to increase website conversions.  We advise conducting A/B split tests in order to monitor the impact these changes have on user behaviour and ultimately conversion rate.

Clear Call-to-Actions

Ensure that when a potential customer lands on your website, it is clear what they should do next.  Car hire company, First Self Drive, is an interesting case study to use for this. Their homepage features a contact form, encouraging users to provide their personal details in exchange for a quote to hire a car.  The form works well for a number of reasons: it stands out on the page, makes it clear why users are filling in their information and it is above the fold so people can instantly see it.

Remember, clever marketing is all about selling the next step and for some business models there will be more steps involved in the sales funnel so you need to think about what would be the most appropriate call-to-action for your audience.

Compelling Web Copy

The copy on each page of your website must fit with your branding and be in one consistent voice.  It is also important that it is relevant to that particular landing page and puts the attention completely on the customer. Whilst this may sound simple, many companies fail to do this and use their website to showcase solely who they are and what they do without a second thought to their customer’s pain-points.

Diaphragm pump distributor, Triark Pumps, strike the right balance on their Sandpiper Pump landing page.  They have thought hard about their customer’s problems, centring the copy on addressing these concerns and how Sandpiper Pumps can provide a solution.  The copy is solutions-focussed, succinct and easy to digest for web users, which is important because people scan copy when they read online.

Quality & Relevant Photographs

If you are using generic stock imagery on your website, it could be negatively impacting your conversion rate.  It is worth investing time and money into getting a gallery of quality high-resolution images together for use on your website and across your various marketing efforts. If a photographer is out of budget then why not make a one-off investment on a good camera and take the shots yourself.

Poor quality imagery could reflect negatively on your brand and product offering. Despite the number of us shopping online, people are still wary of fraudsters, fake sites and scams.  Landing on a website that has a ghastly colour scheme and bad imagery looks unprofessional and is guaranteed to ensure visitors head straight for the exit button.  You may only get one chance to make a good impression on potential customers, especially if this is their first interaction with your brand. Look at your website from this point of view and ask yourself if you would trust your brand enough to make a purchase.  If the answer is no, then take steps to improve this.

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Rebecca D'Souza is a freelance writer covering all aspects of business and technology.

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