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3 Ways To Adapt To The SoLoMo Movement


It’€™s hard to keep it top of everything that’€™s happening in the online and digital world. One example is the SoLoMo movement. Many professionals who need to reach out to a web audience don’€™t understand how to use this idea, and more than a few don’€™t even know what it means. Getting comfortable with SoLoMo can help to build more capable and actionable digital campaigns.

What Is SoLoMo?

SoLoMo incorporates the words social, local and mobile. It replaces a traditional paradigm where online shoppers used broad search engine technology to find generic content that led them toward broader commerce portals on the web. In SoLoMo, there’€™s a tendency for users to find a particular niche site through social media, more specialized SEO results and different methods of customer outreach.

The Role Of Social Media

One way to adapt to SoLoMo reality is to proactively use social media. This means setting up a business Facebook page, but it also means using it long-term. The Facebook page can become the persona of a business. It can be referenced on other more specialized social media like Foursquare or Instagram. Building this larger presence can pull in a variety of new customers, especially a younger audience with a more sophisticated digital approach.

Responsive Design

Companies are scrambling to add responsive design tools to their marketing campaigns. Responsive design is the idea that digital marketing can be made to fit mobile phones and tablets as well as laptop or desktop computers. More sales are getting done through mobile devices. That’s why developers are working to make sure that digital content is adaptable for new smart phone and tablet platforms.

Build Local As Well As Global

The last pillar of SoLoMo is the local movement. Building local often means sending employees out into the world around them to report on local activity and deliver content to local audiences. All kinds of businesses can profit from these new media adaptations. Alcohol rehab centers in Florida, auto insurance offices in Vermont, sandwich shops in Oregon and auto parts manufacturers in the Midwest can all take a page from the SoLoMo playbook in order to improve their customer relationships and drive sales and productivity in the future.

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Katie Elizabeth is a freelance blogger and content coordinator with experience in several industries, including panasonic telephone systems firms , real estate and online ordering restaurant. When she's not writing, she loves traveling and listening to music.

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