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3 Things No-one Tells You About Your Postpartum Body

“I loved everything about being pregnant—I was born to be a mom. The best part is that it’s the most whole, complete feeling of love, and it’s the easiest thing to sacrifice for. You know, anything can happen in the world, but if I can just be with my kids, I’m absolutely in pure joy.” These were Tracy Anderson’s words – a celeb personal trainer. Like Tracy, millions of women around the world feel this way about being pregnant and becoming a mom. And while women who enjoy their pregnancy love to share the joys that come with it (glowing skin, good mood, and increased appetite), the conversation usually shifts after childbirth. It’s natural that everything from that moment on is about the newborn, but maternal care should also be addressed and not overlooked.
The Belly Doesn’t Disappear 
If you had a normal pregnancy, that means your belly has been growing for 9 months. What is more, your entire body went through a number of transformations to accommodate the new life you’ve been growing inside you. Once the baby is born, don’t expect for the belly to disappear overnight. It took 9 months for it to get to the size that it is; it’s just natural that it is going to take a couple of months before you get to see your toes again. Some women are in a rush to lose their baby weight and start exercising within days after giving birth. If you feel like you can handle mild exercise and are ready to start back up within just a couple of days, all the power to you, as long as you get the green light from your doctor. However, if you had minor or major complications during childbirth, take your time with getting back to the gym.
Prolonged Soreness After a Difficult Childbirth
In some cases, deliveries can take days instead of hours, and complications may arise. In such scenarios, birth injuries might occur, in which case the parents are advised to seek help from birth injury lawyers. And while taking care of the baby is the main priority, make sure to treat the tender areas with appropriate care. Doctors advise “taking sitz baths to soothe and cleanse the area and a donut shaped cushion to keep the pressure off”.
Urine leaks are normal
Whether you had a cesarean or vaginal birth, the stress on your pelvic muscles and bladder won’t be the same after childbirth. To regain control of these muscles, start doing Kegel exercises when the soreness abates. However, when you do experience urine leaks, don’t get embarrassed or scared – your body just needs time to readjust.
The secret is, to take it easy and give it time. Don’t pressure yourself to lose the baby weight; rather, let your body do what it needs to and enjoy the transformation.

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