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3 Key Ways New Tech Improves Employee Performance

Getting the best performance from your restaurant’s employees requires balancing their needs and the needs of your restaurant. The people you hire are never just employees; they have rich and complex lives of their own. If you respect them as both workers and as people, they’re more likely to feel more connected to the job. Aside from creating a more pleasant workplace, this is a great way to encourage your staff to deliver better business results.

Thankfully new technology helps restaurants manage their employees, much to the delight of owners and workers. Here are three key ways employee scheduling software can transform employee management at your restaurant.

Great Schedules, Quickly

The process of deciding who gets what shifts can be time-consuming, fraught and frustrating. Employee scheduling software reduces the time this process takes by as much as 80 percent.

This cloud-based software uses sophisticated automation that accounts for things like overtime and labor costs, and also allows workers to manually input vital information such as their availability. This is the most efficient way to distribute shifts evenly, fairly and quickly.

To see other ways this software keeps employees spending their time at work where they’re most productive, you can visit 7shifts to learn more about this and other features that both managers and employees will love.

Effortless Communication That Matters

Tech that facilitates communication must make people’s lives easier; employee scheduling software makes getting only the right communication simple, without flooding staff with too many messages.

For example, when an employee finds out they need to block off time from work for something in their personal life, they can remotely let their manager know that very instant. Your employees will feel their time is valued, and it also helps keeps scheduling organized well ahead of time.

If the restaurant is in a pinch and needs somebody to cover a shift, the manager can send a message in a group chat. Everybody will get a notification on their phone, so minimal time possible is wasted searching for coverage. Then, whoever is free to work can tell their team. The problem gets solved in a way that’s pain-free for all before it can escalate into a crisis.  

Accurate Data, Easily

Employee scheduling software supplies managers and owners with a wealth of actionable intelligence they need to lead their business operation, but it also relays important ground-level data about staff contributions.

There is a very secure and sophisticated time-clocking feature — rather than merely punch “in” or “out” to work, the machine can be customized so employees can signal they’re on a lunch break, coffee break, that their shift is done, or something else. Managers get a precise aerial view of how their employees spend their time at work, helping all-star employees get the recognition they deserve.

As business in the monumentally competitive restaurant industry gets more fierce, owners and managers inevitably feel more pressure to get improved results. Technology that facilitates this goal while dramatically improving the workplace environment for employees is in invaluable tool — no wonder employee scheduling software is already so popular in small- and medium-sized millennial-owned restaurants across North America.

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