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3 Golden Rules For Running A Consumer-Friendly Commercial Website

Decide what you want to sell and sell it! The world wide web is a cesspool of poverty-stricken entrepreneurs trying to make a quick buck before the banks reposes their assets. If you have some outrageous idea about a product, or you have an over abundant supply of merchandise; the best venue to market your product would be the internet. The problem however lies in the fact, that in order to make your products sell, you need some major tutoring from an undisclosed professional, namely me. Stick with these 5 Golden Rules and the only problem you will have is deciding how big of a yacht you will be sailing in.

Golden Rule No.1:€“ It’s all about appearances

Forget that ‘Do what you love and the money will follow’ nonsense. The truth is you need an expert to do all that nasty grunt work of punching code and tinkering with the visuals, instead of trying to do it yourself. It should be something nice, something that draws attention without being overly pretentious.

An experienced web developer will be capable of such a feat; even surprise you in ways you haven’t thought about. If you have enough starting capital, you can even hire some programmers to do some of that fancy gif €“ Java animation for your menus; although you would be much better off with simplistic, yet stylish graphics that scream ‘professional’. Be sure to photograph your product; preferably by a professional photographer. This way you can make official looking catalogs, which people would find appealing.

Golden Rule No.2: Write good, well structured content

What is a silent movie without its intertitels? Getting your point across without a body text is like eating unsalted popcorn; it just won’t taste as good! In fact, the text body of your website is crucial for developing quality SEOs, and if your web pages lack good, relevant, well-written content, well… you’d better forget about that house in Hawaii right now.

Now, there are a multiple options you can choose from, but the cheapest one would be to outsource your writing staff to some third world country. There are practically tons of companies in India that specialize in writing SEO-friendly body texts. And the best part is, they are literally a dime a dozen!

Golden Rule No.3: Do a good SEO

I have mentioned the importance of this already; now I am going to tell you why it is so important to have a good SEO done when you first begin creating your website. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, or the optimization you do in order for the search engine to recognize your website as being relevant, and show it as a top result. Search engines are things like Google and the like, and optimization is like a set of rules you must follow to make the search engine like you. There is a whole bunch of literature on the matter; here I am going to talk about just of few tricks for good SEO, which I consider the most important.

To make your website noticed you would need: A unique, legitimate text that is not copy-pasted from another website; abundance of focus keywords (the word or phrasing people will use to find your product on Google); outbound links to authority websites; lots and lots of pages! In fact, you would need to have at least 200-300 pages of well-written, unique content, in order for your website to take off and start making you some sweet, sweet money.

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