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3 Careers for Anyone Wanting to Work with Children

Working with children is one of the most rewarding things you can do as an adult. You have the future of the next generation in your hands, and it’s an incredible sight to see children develop and learn right before your eyes.

Careers with Children

There are three distinct ages for those seeking a career with children, early years, elementary school, and teens. Each age group presents its own difficulties in terms of teaching, and each age group can bring something special to your life when you work with them.

Early Childhood Special Education Teacher

Roles working with SEN children will usually require a specific degree; an Early Childhood Special Education degree at Bank Street, for example, would be a great choice for anyone looking to work with children who need a little extra help to thrive in the classroom and in life.

The role itself is quite varied, and you may be required to make lesson plans with different learning abilities in mind, some of whom may not be as verbally communicative as other students.

Working with SEN children, especially in the early years, is an incredibly rewarding job; you could be their first introduction into education, setting them up for a life of learning ahead.

The median wage for an Early Childhood SEN Teacher is around $50,000, which rises to around $80,000 if you have a master’s degree.

Preschool Director

One of the career paths you could take if you chose to work with preschoolers is the preschool director or nursery center director role. This role is very varied and has less hands-on time with the children than that of a preschool teacher.

A preschool director’s role is to ensure that the preschool or nursery center runs to the highest possible standards, considering child welfare, safeguarding, childhood education, and their spiritual and emotional growth as young people.

This is a great choice for anyone looking to move on from their preschool teacher career and move into something more managerial.

The median wage for a preschool director sits at around $40,000.

Preschool Teacher

This is a challenging role that can be hard to get into, but once you have started on your career path, jobs are fairly easy to come by and will provide stability of income for many years.

A preschool teacher’s main aim, aside from ensuring the kids in your care can read and write, is to foster a sense of intrigue when it comes to learning and engagement, helping children build their confidence with learning and their enjoyment of various topics.

Preschool teachers may seem like they spend all day playing with kids and not doing a lot of ‘formal’ education work, but it’s your role as an educator to make sure that the learning environments safe and welcoming; you’re likely to be the first teacher figure that a child will meet in his or her life, and that can have a huge impact on their lifelong learning.

The median wage for a Preschool Teacher sits at around $30,000, which is not the highest salary you can earn in the teaching profession, but the opportunities for promotion are very good as your career progresses.

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