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101 WordPress Plugins For Twitter

  1. Clever Tweet
  2. Author Based Twitter Widget
  3. WP Twitter Backlinks
  4. Yet Another Twitter Plugin
  5. Like Button For Twitter By Truelike
  6. Twitter Digest
  7. New Twitter Button
  8. Multi Twitter Stream
  9. Commentwitter
  10. Share My Tweet
  11. Tw Anyware Comment System
  12. Twitter Goodies
  13. IBD Twitter
  14. Wickett Twitter Widget
  15. Auto Twitter Poster
  16. Twitter Counter
  17. Tweet Old Post
  18. Auto Twitter
  19. Twitter Fan Box
  20. Twitter Follow Me Box
  21. TweetUpdater
  22. Twitter Mentions As Comments
  23. Strictly Tweetbot
  24. wpMyTwitPic
  25. cbnet Twitter Widget
  26. WordPress To Twitter
  27. Twitter URL
  28. Twitter Fetcher
  29. Twitter WP
  30. Twitter Goodies Widgets
  31. Twitter Share Plugin
  32. Inagist TwitterPlugin
  33. Twitter Feed Sidebar Widget 1.1
  34. Twitter Avatar Reloaded
  35. Simple Twitter Status Updates
  36. TwitterLink Comments
  37. rTwit
  38. TP – TweetPress
  39. Twit Connect
  40. Easy Retweet
  41. Twitter Profile Goodies For Widget
  42. Simple Tweet
  43. WP Twitter Button
  44. WP Twitter Sidebar Widget
  45. Get Latest Tweets
  46. WP Twitter Timeline
  47. Twitterify
  48. Enhanced Latest Tweets Widget
  49. TweetPress
  50. Tweets By Post
  51. IGIT New Twitter Tweet Button
  52. TweetMeMe Button
  53. WordPress Tweeter
  54. Reliable Twitter
  55. Tweet Blender
  56. Twitter Stream
  57. WordPress Twitter Forums
  58. HL Twitter
  59. Easy Twitter Button
  60. AddThis feat. Tweet Button
  61. WP-Twitter Retweet Button
  62. twFeed
  63. Twitter Signatures Widget
  64. YOURLS: WordPress To Twitter
  65. TweetBottom
  66. Twitter Stats
  67. Display Random Post As Tweet
  68. Tweet Images
  69. Twitter Widget…Widget
  70. Simple Twitter Data
  71. Simple Twitter Connect
  72. Animated Twitter Bird
  73. Twitter Comments – Twitoaster
  74. Tweet Page Social Widget
  75. TwitterFor WordPress Extended 2
  76. DP Twitter Widget
  77. Send To Twitter
  78. Xhanch-My Twitter
  79. Latest Twitter Sidebar Widget
  80. TweetView-Widget
  81. Word Twit
  83. Twitter Name Link
  84. BuddyPress Tweet URLs
  85. WP Tweet Button
  86. oEmbed Tweet
  87. TwitterRSSWithRT
  88. Twit Feed
  89. Twitter Feed For WordPress
  90. Share Post
  91. Social Connect
  93. Really Simple Facebook Twitter Share Buttons
  94. Tweet This
  95. Twitter QR Code Signatures Widget
  96. Twitter Blackbird Pie
  97. Twitter Counter Cache-rizer
  98. Style My Tweets
  99. Twitter Tools – URLs
  100. Tweet Board
  101. Related Tweets

Author Based Twitter Widget

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  1. Luqman

    April 19, 2011 at 10:47 am

    Thanks for sharing this list it is very useful.

  2. Manifo

    April 20, 2011 at 12:31 pm

    niiiiceeee…i love lists wich save my precious time :)))) thanks for digging instead of me 😉

  3. terry

    September 21, 2011 at 2:28 am

    I’ve never seen a post with just a list of links in it.. None the less.. this so useful and thanks so much for sharing this!!

  4. Frank Steiner

    August 4, 2012 at 7:48 am

    The list is big. I have never came across such a big list of WordPress plugins before. Nice collection. It would have been better to categorize them by functionality.

  5. alan

    December 17, 2013 at 2:06 pm

    great list. Twitter is now very much easy to use with the help of this much of plugins. Thanks for this nice list.

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