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10 Workplace Productivity Apps to Use on Daily Basis

There are a plenty of workplace productivity apps, but not all of them are equally good. So, here’s a list of great, free and paid apps that will help to streamline your processes and increase efficiency.

1. Google Drive

Google Drive was launched only three years ago, but already in a year it gained 240 million active users.

If you’re looking for a way to escape MS Office and make the “paperless office” statement come true, Google Drive is just what you need.

The first irrefutable benefit of using Google Drive is that you can assess the files from any place, using any device. Just log into your Google account and you are ready to go.   

The second benefit is that Google gives you 15GB of free storage. To compare, Dropbox only gives you 2GB of free storage. Then, you have to pay $9,99 for 50GB of storage while Google offers you 1TB for the same price. Sounds like a bargain!

Google Drive enables you to do all the same things that you could do with MS Office like creating documents, presentations, etc. and even more!

You can quickly share the document by sending the link to it, you can gather feedback because any user whom you allow to edit the document can leave comments or suggest changes.

Summing up, Google Drive is an irreplaceable tool for any workplace nowadays.

2. Evernote

Evernote is one the popular workplace productivity apps, but it’s great not only for the workplace.

If you always have ideas while you’re on the go, make sure to have Evernote on your smartphone, cause when you’re brainstorming a new idea you can write it down in your smartphone and when you get home or at work, it’s already there. Evernote automatically.

You can add photos to your notes and then share them with co-workers.

Evernote offers a chat inside the app. You can either import your Gmail or Outlook contacts or paste the email manually.

All of the above is available for a free plan of the app. If you want extra storage and functions sign up for a premium account. You can then make offline notes, secure the app with a password and forward emails to Evernote.

3. Pushbullet

Some of us like to put the phone away when working. But, in that case, there’s a risk to miss an important call or text message.

Not with Pushbullet.

Simply put, it connects your devices into a single system. E.g., whenever your phone is ringing, but you don’t hear it, you will see a notification on your computer screen.

The app also enables you to view and answer the text messages from your computer.

You can also get notified about different interesting updates. On their website, Pushbullet has a list of channels that you can follow. Want to know the latest news from Apple, subscribe to a corresponding channel.

Generally speaking, Pushbullet is a great app to connect easily your smartphone with the computer.  


IFTTT is a tool that will help you to save time on daily interaction with the web, no matter what phone or computer model you use.

The abbreviation stands for “if this then that”. The application uses APIs of many popular applications to automate functions between them. So, for example, if you want to Tweet articles and save them to an Evernote folder at the same time, the tool will set that up for you. If you want to get a push notification when a co-worker edits your shared Google Doc, it will do that as well.

5. LastPass

We all know how our passwords should look like. But along with all the information that falls on us every day, remembering multiple strong passwords is complicated.

That’s why LastPass exists.

The concept is simple. LastPass – the last password you’ll have to remember.The application is run under a single master password that grants access to the storage.

You create a centralized database where you can see all your accounts and the passwords to them.

LastPass also provides the feature of generating strong passwords and automatically remembering them, so you can make sure that your accounts are protected.

The application is free, but it also has an enterprise version and a premium plan with additional functions.

6. Yaware.TimeTracker

One of the most important work place productivity apps is time tracking software.

Yaware.TimeTracker is an automatic time tracking software that captures time and estimates the productivity of work at the computer.

While you are at work, the system silently captures the websites and applications that you use during that time, as well as the duration of use. After, the collected data is presented to you in a form of a visual report.

Both employees and managers benefit from using this software.

Managers can analyze the performance of employees and take balanced actions to increase it. Employees in order can check their personal reports, that allow to detect time eaters and improve time management skills.  

It’s a very simple and useful tool for everyone in the company.

You can try out Yaware.TimeTracker for free during 14 days.

7. Slack

Slack is a free messaging app for teams. Just sign up, create a team, e.g. marketing and create channels for discussion, e.g. #promotion, #stockphotos, #analytics, etc. and start the discussion.

The communication within the app is similar to communicating on Twitter. You use @ to mention a person, so they will get the noted and # to write to a particular channel.

Teams can use Slack both on computer and smartphone, as well as they can upload photos, share documents via Google Drive and write direct messages.

Slack is free, and you can add as many people as you want. But you can also sign up for a paid plan to get additional plans.

8. Google Photos

How to manage your photos the easy way? Google Photos.

Google launched its photo and video sharing and storage service only two months ago, and it already has been called the best of a kind.

The principle of Google Photos is similar to Google Drive. You upload the photos and videos from your computer or smartphone to the cloud storage. Then you can access them from anywhere.

You can create collections of photos and share them by copying the link to the collection.

It is the simplest photo editor that enables you to choose a filter, cut and flip the image, change its opacity and saturation. And if you forget to upload the photos, there is an automatic upload, so everything is backed up.

9. Basecamp

Like WorkZone, Basecamp is a project management tool that functions solely in the cloud. No need to install the application and update it.  

For $20 a month you can manage ten projects with an unlimited number of users and get 3GB of storage.

Basecamp offers you a two months trial! So, you can get accustomed to the system pretty well.

The reason why people love Basecamp so much is because the simplicity of use. It is the most important in a project management software because it with all the projects it’s easy to get lost.

You can prioritize tasks simply by dragging and dropping them. And everything in Basecamp is autosaved, so there’s no way to lose valuable information. If you accidently delete an important email, you can retrieve it within 30 days.

So, keep your projects under control with Basecamp.

10. Yesware

How to send productive emails? See if someone opens your emails at all!

Yesware is an email tracking application that help users to track the time when the person opened the email, which links were clicked, create templates and schedule emails.

By analyzing the open and click rate you can improve your email marketing and sales by improving the subject line and email text.

Yesware also provides CRM integration with Salesforce.

Hope you will find these workplace productivity apps useful in your everyday work. If so, make sure to share them with your friends and colleagues!

I write about business and personal productivity. My aim is to provide readers with high quality and useful content, that would help them to increase the efficiency of their business and their own efficiency.

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