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10 Tips For Career Advancement Using Social Networks

A study of Google has recently revealed that the use of social tools helps workers to climb the ladder in their careers, but … how can they do?

The company has developed a Decalogue with clues for users to use social tools to benefit your career:

1. Think of your online image: The boundaries that separate the line between social tools for business and use them for pleasure or hobbies are not clear. However, this does not prevent you should publish information on your personal tastes and points of view when interacting in social spheres. This may lead you to points of common interest or expand your circle of contacts.However, remember that you are exposing yourself to a wide audience among work colleagues, bosses and potential customers. Therefore, you should certainly highlight your strongest points offering views intelligent, talking about your experience, the topics that you are an expert and what qualities do you differ from others. Think of social media as if they were an extension of your resume.For obvious reasons, be careful and not go overboard self-promocionándote!

2. Become a community leader: Social tools are collaborative in nature and will only be truly effective in a business context if you can use with others in your company. If the company you work for does not have the habit of using social tools, you have to act as a “social ambassador” leading by example, creating networks and suggesting ways to use them and showing others how to make the best use. This could really impress your boss probably will because you have taken the initiative and acted in the interest of the company.

3. Adopt a “group mentality “: Creating a virtual group online, people can share their knowledge and learn things that everyone can be further used when making decisions, strategies and projects.For example, a group that is working on product design, could at the very beginning, in the same place to hear the views of all people and thus accelerate the process of decision making and promote innovation. If after this community approach the final product is a success, you will have even more attention to your company.

4. Think beyond the four walls: While social tools offer a new way to interact with your peers that you see often, you will be aware of the power to expand your network and communicate with those beyond your company or in other countries. Focus on inviting these colleagues or clients to virtual meetings, share documents online or arrange impromptu videoconferencing. This will help you collect them all and could lead to some interesting collaborations.

5. Be a sponge that absorbs information: In addition to helping you communicate with others, social tools provide an excellent channel for the exchange of knowledge, exposing people to a variety of thoughts and ideologies. If you’re willing to do research on blogs and other interactive resources found on the net, you suddenly find yourself expanding your knowledge of the industry or sector in which you work. This can give you more confidence and conviction to defend your point of view on a topic or issue or when advising a client in his field in question.

6. Be a blogger: Share your most original ideas by creating and nurturing your blog. This will help you become a leader of opinion. You can also bring a company to create you a blog or join bloggers who share the same ideals to maintain a regular flow of content on your industry. Surely this makes you stand out in your company.

7. Recognizes the opportunity for personal development: Learn to overcome your weaknesses through the millions of online tools for personal development. The interactive nature of these channels can be a source of inspiration as you will soon see how others are asking the same questions and encountering the same problems. You may also find answers if you ask the questions appropriate to the online community.

8. Find ways to help you improve your effectiveness: Be more efficient in your work using online support systems and getting a daily dose of motivation and advice from gurus and experts.

9. Do not fear the social world: At first, if you’re not used to the social networking world, you may find it a bit intimidating. But remember that it is just another communication channel. Such as email or phone calls. However, the social tools allow you to work smarter and faster, and in turn will expose you to an infinite world of knowledge and ideas.

10. Try not to “hook up” both: Finally we remind that, although social tools can offer a wide range of benefits for your career and your company can become an addiction. Be sure not to fall into the vicious circle of constantly reviewing the comments and updates of the networks. It is important to disconnect the unnecessary services that could bother when you pay attention to something else.Otherwise, you could lower your performance and it will not like your boss!

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