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10 Reasons Why Your eCommerce Website Needs a Blog to be Successful


In today’s digital world, content marketing, and blogging are one of the most effective ways for e-commerce brands to gain customer trust, build brand loyalty as well as generate large organic traffic, if done in the right way.

When it comes to eCommerce website development, having a Blog section on your website holds its own benefits. And today in this article we want to educate you about those benefits.

So, here are the top ten reasons why your e-commerce brands need a Blog to become highly successful in internet space:

Boosts Your Website Traffic

Posting blogs on your e-commerce Website is a great technique to drive more organic traffic and gain potential customers attention quickly. Blogs are also one of the most cost-effective methods of generating organic traffic to your site.

If the blog written/posted on your site is well-researched and content-rich, then it will surely climb in the search engine rankings, helping your site earn more organic traffic.

In short, blogs help e-commerce sites build trust, gain customer attention, drive traffic, and convert potentials leads into permanent customers.

Take the example of Shopify, they have boosted their traffic doing blogging. This traffic gave them 55% boost in sales and $389 million in revenue. They are currently ranking on #1 for the keyword dropshipping which have 201,282 monthly searches.

Improves your Brand Value in the Eyes of Customers

Think of it- why at the first place content exists on the internet? The answer is simple and can be found in the answer given by Ryan Jones, a popular Search Engine Contributor :“Today’s searchers search to solve problems, to accomplish tasks, and to ‘do’ something.”

In essence, everyone on the internet is looking for precise yet clear solutions to their problems. If, you, as an e-commerce brand, can deliver the answer to their queries via blogging accurately, succinctly, and with quality material, that’s great for your business. Why?

Delivering quality blogs improve your brand value and build confidence among customers about your brand. More confidence sums up to more customer trust, and ultimately, that trust leads to more product sales on your platform.

Allows You to Engage and Connect with your Customers

Well, we all know that customers mostly visit an e-commerce site when they want to purchase something, you as an e-commerce brand needs to break this wheel by utilizing blogs as a key tool to engage your customers on a frequent basis.

How to do it? Here is an example. Suppose you sell a weight-loss product to your customers. Now, what you can do via blogging is tell an inspirational story of one of your client, whom your business helps in losing weight. Post photos, videos, and interact with your customers via blog posts, and connect with them instantly.

A Place To Make Announcements about your Brand and its Achievements

Even, if you run a well-versed email campaign for informing your clients them about your products (both current and upcoming) and making announcements about your brand, a blog is still a wonderful place to provide in-depth details to customers about your product and services. You can use blogs for answering customer FAQs, seasonal promotion, news announcements, and much more.

Customers Prefer Reading Blogs before they Purchase

According to from 2014, 85% of customers prefer purchasing products that are well described in blogs.

Blogs are a great conversion tool for your brand to turn visitors into buyers by influencing their purchase decisions. Posting an informative blog make customers confident about your brand, product or service as well as create a sense of confidence among them about their purchase decision.

E-commerce Blogs help You Build Brand Loyalty and Gain Customer Trust

Essentially, blogging sums up to number one brand building exercise for any internet brand, no matter the scale and size. Here is an important stat to confirm the same, as per the 2019 CMIs B2C survey report, content marketing was the major preferred option (around 81% marketers agreed) of internet marketers to gain customer loyalty.

Accepting this reality, you must deliver power packed and informative blogs to gain customer trust in your e-commerce brand and increase brand loyalty.

Creates An Online Community of Your Loyal Fans

Posting blogs allow your customers to post their queries, ask a question, provide their feedback on the purchased products from your platform, which makes them feel they are a part of the larger online community.

So, make sure, you post not only blogs but also regulatory visit the comment section to answer frequently asked customer queries. You must also respond to their private messages received in your inbox.

Blogs Have the Potential to Help Your Brand Go Viral on the Internet

When you post an inspirational story of your clients, product or services via your blog post, you must add a share button so that your readers can easily share your post on social media platforms that they use frequently.

Even, if you did not reach millions of customers, it still gives you an option to reach a wider customer segment by posting engaging and relevant blogs.

Contributes Immensely to Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Yes, you heard it right. Each blog posted by you carries a unique URL that can be tagged in with your social media posts as well as other online marketing efforts.

Adding buttons like ‘like’ and ‘share’ also help you to expand the reach of your blog posts on social media platforms.

Also, do not forget to add buttons on your site and blogs that connect customers to your social media profiles, helping you gain more followers or fans.

Finally, it is A Free Marketing Platform!!!

A blog is overwhelmingly a highly effective form of free marketing regardless of your marketing budget. Therefore, the sooner you start posting, the better it is for you to reap some serious organic traffic via each separate blog post to your site, helping you rank higher in search results.


Written By

I am Rajat working as a writer. I mostly write about eCommerce websites development company in India and how to make them SEO friendly. In my free time, I offer my expertise and guidance to users through blog posts.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Seema

    February 15, 2022 at 10:02 am

    Great and Informative article. Thank You for writing this. Do share more of such related articles.

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