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10 Reasons Why You Should Start Learn To Code Right Now

In a digital world, having the ability to immerse yourself in it and properly master your way around it is quite the fulfilling experience. It has become increasingly necessary to acquire coding skills, and this is seen with complex web topics being simplified and fed to the much younger generation. This is all in a bid to comprehend the computer and be able to control it, not only now, but in the coming Age of Machines and Robots. Current trends point out to a future where everything is controlled by a computer! Yes! You read that right! If there is ever a time to master some pretty fly coding skills, it’s now!

So why should you start to learn to code?

1. Experience Flow

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes Flow as becoming fully immersed in work such that you end up becoming ONE with your job. Programming and coding is in itself a totally new language. Many a programmer has reported losing track of time as they accomplish a project after another. This feeling enables work to be done much swifter and smoothly and can be thought of as the best feeling for any worker.

2. Enhance Your Productivity

Coding is a whole new world, and it requires one to educate themselves to unleash their potential and creativity. With the unlimited areas covered in programming, one is sure to always be occupied and on something. Coding is thus a proven formula for peeps who have all the time and are into the thrill that comes from sitting in front of a screen.

3. Work from Anywhere

The most appealing aspect about working online and especially programming is that you can be anywhere at whatever time doing whatever your heart so desires. You don’t get to be tied down in your office drinking coffee all day from Monday to Friday. Isn’t that sense of freedom liberating, to say the least?

4. Work on Your Side Gigs

With coding, one has all the freedom to come up with a schedule that suits them accordingly. If you are a jack of different trades, then you won’t feel particularly motivated if you are forced to put aside your other projects to focus on your work. With coding, you experience flexibility and can work on any project you’ve ever dreamt of.

However, if you decide to multitask, don’t lose sight of coding. Always practice and endeavor to learn more. Just as it is easy to access definitive guides for bloggers, find a guide for programming to enable you to plan a schedule that best works for you.

5. Quit Stressful Online Job Application Processes

You have constantly and ambitiously been applying for jobs! Nothing has ever worked for you and the few that have been only momentary!

You need to stop! Someone once described madness as doing the same thing over and over again really hoping for different outcomes. You are now a coder-to-be! You don’t go out looking for jobs; jobs come looking for you. There is still a deficit in the market for coders and web developers. You can always be sure to be on demand on various sites which hire bloggers, transcribers and coders alike. Now, by just visiting any of these platforms through their weblink, you can get paid per hour according to your competence and experience! What could be more enticing?

6. Develop Relationships

As mentioned earlier, coding is a whole new world in itself, with its own language and a community of like-minded people. Coding mostly involves projects that require communication and teamwork. It is thus a crucial base to acquire such skills.

7. Earn More for Fewer Hours

If you understood what ecstasy one derives working the number of hours one so deems fit and still getting paid like a real boss, then you would have your programming tutorials on your table!

8. Extended Leisure Time

Want a long vacation? Probably a cruise to the Bahamas! Or a hike to Kilimanjaro in Africa! What’s more, you get to pay your own expenses and luxuries. Or do you just want extra time to be with family and your 9-5 can’t allow for this as all it calls for is top performers? Then you could never be offered a better deal than this on your table!

9. Acquire Self-Reliance and Empowerment

Coding and programming are all about creation; you get to create a code to operate your alarm system or a code that runs an application or software. Whatever it is that your limitless brain decides to design, there is always a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment that comes with is!

10. Be Your Own Boss

As much as coding depends on receiving numerous job offers from individuals and tech companies, you now have a chance to say no to offers that don’t intrigue you. Now you only go for opportunities that make your blood boil, and that gives you space to grow.

As if that’s not enough, with the freedom that you receive (physical and financial), you can now hire people to do minor tasks for you!


Whatever your reason is to seek out this field, at the end of the day, the pros associated with this knowledge outweigh the cons a great deal. It might not be objectively possible to have the whole of Earth’s population learning to program just because the times call for it. Nevertheless, if ever you get that golden chance, waste it at your own peril!

Now tell me, what challenges are holding you back from coding right now?

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