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10 Incredible Designs Of A Landing Page

There are a number of principles to make a great website design. But, when it comes to it’€™s landing page, the designer has to be more careful. An eye-catching and a well-designed landing page of a website really creates a difference in the visitor’€™s mind. It plays a crucial role in determining whether he will become a regular customer or lose interest forever. Therefore, the design of a landing page should be conversion-centric or in other words, it must be powerful enough to persuade a visitor to get products or services.

Furthermore, a landing page must contain a USP (unique selling point), but it should avoid attention drifting. Here are the 10 best examples of landing page designs.


Squarespace is widely popular among creative web designers as it offers good quality website templates on a subscription basis. This comes with different side-scrolling landing pages with titles. Each feature including a large header in the centre, gets started and the call to action has been integrated. It also provides free trial.

The landing page of Nisim is also a great example of an awesome landing page design. Everything including about us, product information, hair product brands and payment methods has been defined clearly. Apart from being rich in information, this landing page appeals to visitors with its vibrant colors and great design.

Bear CSS

Bear CSS is one of the best tools for web designers to generate CSS based on the existing HTML. Though this landing page has a simple layout, it is enriched with the all rules of a great landing page design. The primary call to action (upload HTML) has been highlighted with a large orange button and three lines in bullet form explain the entire process clearly.


The Everest landing page  is an amazing example of selling an app which is based on an easy-to-digest breakdown. It has been divided into two vertical panes including a minimal left-hand pane for the logo, a clear call to action in a turquoise button and an intriguing strap line. The second vertical contains iPhone toggle via its main features.

Tiny Letter

This page has been perfectly designed with a visible strap line, a relevant video and a call to action. The layout is minimalist, but it gets quick attention.


The scrapbook on its landing page seems confident enough to promote Pinterest. There are various browser-specific straplines that just require a simple sign up from the users.


It is the simplicity of Apple’s landing page which lands it top in search results. In terms of features, functionality, videos and product photos, the website landing page is astounding as it clearly defines everything.


The landing page of Hipstamatic clearly demonstrates all features of the analogue photography app including the intuitive navigation, look, etc.


All features of navigation have been defined clearly on the Netflix landing page. Other than this, there are relevant information to watch TV shows, Xbox, Mac, PS3 and more.


This is a wonderful landing page design example for a physical product. It comes with a unique approach as includes buy this product button in place of add to basket or add to cart. The buy this phone has been highlighted with color and given a visual dominance as compared to the other button as it contains the main action.


Check out all the above exceptional landing page designs and get the inspiration required to create a wonderful design for your own website.

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A well-known web designer from, Abrahem has a great interest in web designing. He also provides tips on website designing through his blogs and articles.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rohit

    January 7, 2014 at 6:16 am

    wow..! very nice designs there..! I loved the Bear CSS. thank you for introducing me with this, it might help me in my blog design..!

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