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10 Drupal Modules That’ll Strengthen Your Email Marketing Campaign

Well, it is a known fact that business organizations face difficulties with Drupal when it comes to email marketing and social content sharing tools. Usually, business owners face confusion on adopting open source web technologies. They pick these web applications due to cost-efficient availability without understanding the technical attributes. They say that it lacks in email marketing, which is a false assessment. Technically, Drupal needs some useful modules for enhancing the features of your site. Here are the top 10 modules that you need to make your site’s email marketing campaigning and spread your contents across the world.

1- Easy Social

image 1- Easy Social

Well, it works as per its name. This interesting plugin lets you add social sharing buttons in your web posts. With these buttons, your online readers can consume your content and share within their peer circle. It gives some selected buttons like twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. You can also add other buttons in this plugin.

2- CrazyEgg Integration

image 2 - crazy egg

Well, you might have never come across such a nice plugin for Drupal. It is an analytics plugin, which allows you to explore that how your customers are interacting with the pages of your website. It will help you in making informed decisions.

3- Wildfire Email Marketing Platform

image 3 - wildfire

If you are facing issues in sending mails to your prospects then this email-marketing module will help you. It lets you send promotional mails to your customers up to 500 as free without leaving your site.

4- MailChimp

image 4 - imagechimp

Similar to wildfire module, this email-marketing module lets you send 2000 mails a month. It saves you from purchasing credits until you do not cross the iconic level of 2000 mails.

5- Campaign Monitor

image 5 - campaign monitor

Well, you will surely not a like to miss this one. It is an ultimate plugin for monitoring your email marketing campaigns. It provides all features to maintain an email marketing campaign.

6- Google Analytics

image 6 - google analytics

If you are using Google Analytics in your website and not making the most from this tool then you are really losing. Many website owners do this mistake. Therefore, you should not commit this mistake. You just need to put few hours in monitoring the performance of your site at search engines.

7- Sharebar

image 7 - share bar

This module is perfect for content rich websites. You can add a floating sharing bar with your website. You just need to use all sharing buttons in a right order.

8- Hello Bar

image 8 - hellobar

Well, you are surely going to love this plugin. This plugin turns out as the best replacement of irritating pop-ups. Therefore, you will love the pop-free web browsing and so your customers.

9- ShareThis

image 9 - sharethis

It is also an impactful module for adding social sharing buttons to your website. You can add new buttons in your plugin, which will reflect right after installation at your site.

10- Twitter

image 10 - twitter

You will surely like to add this module because it flashes your tweets. You just need to keep your twitter handle updated with fresh tweets.

So, you can choose your picks. These will be good for your website. You will only have to understand the overall nature of your site before making the selections.

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John Pitt is a fervent, self driven tech expert working in close tandem with a leading Offshore Drupal Development company. He loves to cater to different technical niches like content management systems, ecommerce development, smart-phone apps etc. Get in touch to hire Drupal Developers for your project.



  1. harshi

    July 10, 2013 at 4:31 pm

    Twitter is the best tool out in the above list !

  2. Rohit

    July 12, 2013 at 5:36 pm

    thanks for introducing these plugins or modules.., crazy egg seems nice..:)

  3. sunnyson548

    October 31, 2013 at 12:34 pm

    Thanks for sharing this informative message about the plugins and it\’s features.

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