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Working with the Top Canadian iOS App Development Companies after the iOS 11 Launch

After a long wait of weeks, iOS 11 is all set to be rolled out for consumers across the globe, including developers, for the new variant of Apple’s Operating System comes with numerous developer kits, enabling them to create applications that not only inculcate and integrate the hardware for a delightful user experience, but also innovate around Augmented Reality, thus ushering a gaming revolution. Turns out, Apple is still the boss when it comes to innovating in the realm of mobile app development. Yes, there have been a few hiccups along the way, but Tim Cook is firmly in control here.

What iOS 11 means for App Development?

App Development Companies in Canada, especially the ones working on iOS, have garnered the reputation for being trendsetters in this domain. Alongside, the emergence of On-Demand Economy across the world made the app development process viable, profitable, and indispensable. With iOS 11, this trend will see yet another upward trend, for iOS 11 does more for the user than any other Apple OS has been able to do in the past.

The Dependency on iOS 11:

What separates Android and iOS is that the latter constitutes an OS that works only for Apple products. Therefore, while Android is merely an Operating System, iOS is an ecosystem, and with the recent developments made by Apple in their hardware segment, the ecosystem has opened up again for enterprises to flourish in. If you were looking to work with the top iOS App Developers in Canada, there has never been a better time. The dependency on iOS for Smartphone app revolutions can be attributed to the work the company has done in terms of user experience, an aspect where Android has a lot of catching up to do.

Are Mobile Apps Still Profitable?

In my discussion with numerous enterprises, I have often sensed a prevailing skepticism pertaining to the number of apps in the App Store. Are they still profitable? Are people still looking to play games on their Smartphones? Are they going to be open for a subscription? Bombarded with similar queries, I have been helping enterprises connect with the best iOS App Developers in Toronto, ensuring that the business aspirations of the former were met.

What is Augmented Reality?

Creation of a digital world based on the physical around us or the closer integration of your digital world with that of the physical one constitutes the foundational principle of Augmented Reality. Enterprising companies looking to work with the best iOS App Development Companies in Canada for an app in gaming will particularly enjoy this domain, given the user experience and graphic personalization it offers. The brilliance of your Play Station now comes to your Smartphone, and who else but Apple to do that.

Looking Beyond iPhones:

For any company, looking beyond iPhones is necessary when it comes to developing apps. Consulting with any iOS App Development Company in Toronto will help you understand the brilliance of iOS 11 on the recently launched iPad Pro models. Alongside, with the Apple Watch Series 3, the company is looking to invest a significant part of its future in wearable tech, thus, opening up another avenue for iOS App Development.

For the ones looking to create an application for the iOS ecosystem, there is ample room to succeed, if done right. Also, the developer kits now allow you to perform a wide range of functions, including the ability to add Apple Music to your App.

Apple has again managed to impress all of us with its work in iOS 11, iPhones and iPads, and as we sit and marvel the technology Apple has imparted the users across the globe with, let us also consider the limit possibilities in iOS App Development.

Gilderoy Grint, as a consultant in iOS, and with his past experience in Apple, has enabled companies across the globe to develop solutions for iOS Devices, both iPhone and iPad. Working with some leading media agencies, his expertise in this domain makes him one of the most sought consultants in Toronto.

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