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How Does Wireless Video Transmission Facilitate Live ‎Broadcasting?‎

Communication is as old as humanity itself. Since the first fully human creature started to roam the face of the earth, these humanlike creatures had already started to develop means of communicating with their fellow humanlike creatures. As time progressed, however, humans were able to develop more complex languages. Along the way, they were also able to invent ways to communicate over distance via the inventions of the telegraph and the telephone. When the radio was invented, innovative people had tinkered on the possibility of transmitting and receiving voice transmissions, and eventually, they were able to discover radio transmission principles. Today, using the same radio transmission principles, people can now readily communicate, exchange information, and even broadcast themselves to the world.

Communication is one of the fastest evolving fields of technology nowadays. Some of the communication principles that we now use, like the video call, for example, seemed to be impossible to have a few decades ago. At present, the use of video call is so common that we sometimes barely appreciate it. Moreover, if people from the last century would see the mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops that we are using now, they would surely be taken aback by how much progress we have made in the area of communication.

Wireless Video Transmission

Not so long ago, broadcasting was only left at the hands of huge television and radio networks. Ordinary people could only watch or listen to the broadcast from these huge networks. The onset of the internet, however, has given ordinary people a readymade platform wherein they could upload videos and broadcast themselves over the internet. Moreover, at present, with the introduction of stream technology, people could now stream live footage as these footage are actually taken.

The most common method of capturing a video is via the use of a smartphone. Smartphones can readily capture a video footage and upload the said video file to the different social media sites like YouTube, Netflix and Facebook Live. A digital camera or a camcorder can also be used to shoot a video footage. However, you would definitely need a wireless video transmitter to be attached to the camera, if the camera or camcorder do not have Wi-Fi facility. The video transmitter would then allow you to transmit the video footage to a receiver. In turn, the receiver should be connected to a mobile device that would record, upload, and stream the video over the internet. Similarly, the aerial video drone, for example, transmits its video via a wireless downlink to a ground station for the recording, uploading and streaming of its video footage.

News Transmission Using Mobile Video Transmission

The news gathering teams of most large television networks are currently equipped with the latest gadgetry for mobile video transmission. Their gadgets include a portable wireless video transmitter and a video relay unit. The lightweight video transmitter is usually attached to the camera and is carried by the cameraman on his backpack. This wireless transmitter readily did away with the bothersome cablings used in the past.

Some news networks nowadays make use of the so-called part-time citizen-journalists to gather news for their networks. These part-time journalists usually use whatever mobile device they have to gather news as they happen. Lastly, these part-time journalists readily stream their news footage directly to their parent news networks.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sam Targett

    March 24, 2017 at 2:11 pm

    Nice information about wireless video transmission. Previously I was trying to come up with an idea for transmitting live video from a camcorder but it didn’t work. This article helps a lot.

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