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Wired Vs Wireless Gaming Mouse – Which Is Better for Gaming?

It might seem small, but a gaming mouse plays a role that no other component can achieve. It is thus crucial to be sure that you land the perfect mouse for the job. And this is where things become complicated. The market is full of options, yet you need to choose a right gaming mouse in a sea of devices.

Luckily, though, the options usually come down to two types; wired vs wireless gaming mouse. With this, you only need to determine which can deliver the best bang for your battle rig. So read on to find out what makes these two gaming mouse types stand out. You will be able to choose better according to your preference, style or pocket.

Connection features in both mice

Perhaps the best place to start is to understand the outstanding features in each of them. The wired mouse has its own, while the wireless one packs its distinct design. All these come down to the way the mouse connects to your computer.

Wired mice usually pack in USB and PS/2 ports. The USB is largely the most popular tech on the market. The PS/2 has seen better days and is losing ground. With the advance in technology, most current motherboards hardly feature the designated port for this type of plug-in. If you want to use PS/2 regardless, you might have to make do with the use of an adapter.

But when it comes to the USB design, you can have an easy time finding one. One thing that makes this design a go-to choice for many is its backward compatibility. As such, you may plug in the device into virtually any USB port on your system. The speed is of the essence too, and the use of a USB 2.0 port just gets the job done as a 3.0 port would perform.

For a wireless mouse, Bluetooth connectivity is crucial. Bluetooth simply means a short-range wireless connectivity, usually used in most modem devices. One thing that Bluetooth and USB have in common is the backward compatibility in both technologies. So you don’t have a hard time figuring out if your mouse and the computer use the same Bluetooth version.

 All that matters is confirming if your computer features an inbuilt capability to support Bluetooth connectivity. This doesn’t come as a problem for most laptops since they usually support this technology. But for the case of a motherboard, you will need a high-end one if you are to get Bluetooth functions. Not to worry, you can always bring onboard a USB Bluetooth dongle to get the connection complete.

Wired vs wireless gaming mouse; which one is for you?

So, what are some of the technological differences that you can expect to find in these two mice? Well, there’s a fair share of distinctions between the two. Some users go for the one they can find out there. But others would rather choose according to what they want. 

The design

If there’s one thing you might be very keen on, it has to be the design. Everyone wants a stylish addition to a gaming console after all. As such, most prefer the wireless gaming mice over wired ones. And it’s all thanks to the lack of cables tangling across their desk. Others consider this design for a different reason – the fact that you hardly ever have to worry about broken cables. Besides, others consider these mice for their ease of portability, as you can tuck it away in a bag.


Another thing you really need to look into is the connectivity. The choice to which mouse you go for here could mean a significant difference. On the part of the wired mouse, the connection is reliable and fast. However, if you go for the wireless one, you may have to sacrifice this crucial aspect. Wireless gaming mouse tends to have a slight lag. It might not be noticeable, especially with the latest tech in place.

 Nevertheless, these mice are considerably slower when compared to their wired cousins. This results largely from its sleep mode that helps in saving the battery. It could also be due to random un-syncing as well as interference of its signal along the way. The wired ones, on the other hand, pack in some impressive latency and zero drag, ideal for gaming.

Battery or no battery

If you are going for a wireless mouse, keep one thing in mind, you will need to power it. This means relying on a battery to keep the gizmo working. The need for this additional feature adds to the cost of a wireless mouse. Another thing that can go wrong with a wireless mouse here is the battery life.

 You need to be sure the battery can supply this precious juice long enough for your gaming hours. If it runs out of power, you are out of commission, until you recharge it. However, for the wired ones, you never need to consider this aspect. The device gets its power from the system as long as you have plugged it in.

How good is the sensitivity?

For a professional gamer, nothing beats the performance that a mouse with the right DPI can deliver. Also known as dots per inch, this aspect plays a big role in the gaming experience. If you want the best of it, then consider going for a wired mouse. What makes this type of mouse ideal is that the higher DPI means it packs in higher sensitivity.

Therefore, you can move the cursor faster than you would with a low DPI option. All it takes is a small movement to get the cursor shooting across your screen, letting you cover more ground with ease. For players who are into FPS gaming, the wired mouse will give you that much-needed edge.


Most gamers would like a mouse that they can carry and use around if needed. And if you want an option that can cater to use beyond just your battle desk, then the wireless one is your best bet. With the Bluetooth connectivity, you can use your mouse from as far as 30 feet. This makes the mouse perfect for moving around with it and still playing even from a distance.

 In the case of a wired one, you might have to face a good deal of a labyrinth of cables before getting such a performance. Besides, it would be difficult to find a wired mouse with such cable length. In the wired vs wireless gaming mouse challenge, the wireless does take this round on a stride.

The cost

There’s one thing you can’t afford to miss as you set out to get your next gaming mouse – the price. Whichever option you go for, getting the bang for your money means digging deep into your pockets. Nevertheless, the wireless gaming mouse usually costs a little more than the wired one. The cutting-edge tech in this mouse and the battery add to its cost. So if you have your eyes set on this mouse, be ready to spend a bit more.

Versatility is crucial

What the wireless mouse lacks in all other aspects makes up for in its versatility. In this aspect, this option takes the lead. Logitech offers a unifying technology where you can pair up several devices to one USB receiver. This could mean getting a Logitech device, but if you are tired of changing receivers, then it could be worth it. 

Besides, with a wireless mouse, you will never have to waste time unplugging it to plug it into the other computer. So you can easily use the same device on different PCs without having to work your way through the cables.

Easily misplaced dongle

This little device might be perfect to pack away in your backpack. It will help with the connectivity and performance of your gaming rig. But you can easily misplace it. It might fall in between your couch cushions, or beneath the chairs or tiny cracks.

And you will have a hard time finding it. For a gamer, nothing can be as frustrating as looking for a tiny device. That would be a better time to be dishing out your enemy from their hideout. If this is the last thing you want to deal with, then you can settle for a wired mouse.

So, which mouse should I go for?

Well, at the end of it all, the choice boils down to your preference.  When it comes to the wired vs wireless gaming mouse battle, the winner is usually the wired one. Yet some gamers would consider going for the wireless one. So this becomes a matter of personal decision. If you go for the wired one, you can have a high sensitivity. You will also be able to count on its fast speed and often a lower price. But you had better be ready to deal with a tangle of wires and a limited distance range.

If you want a wireless one, then you have an aesthetic design to look forward to. You don’t have to worry about the cables. But you might need to be ready to stand the slight lag, higher cost and the low DPI performance in these mice. For a serious gamer, we would recommend going for a wired mouse. It will serve you better in the long haul.

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