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How Has Windows Suite Changed So Far Maintaining Demand for Microsoft Support?

windows-8-iconOne cannot but deny the fact that computer technology has molded our life completely in the present world. As far as judicious use of this technology is concerned, it depends on individual choice. Commonly used Operating System that most prefer to use is a Windows based system. This Operating System was developed way back in 1985 and till date it has introduced 9 major and solid versions. Over 29 good years, much has changed with features, operational mode and interface of this Operating System. And this change was required to sync with the changing time, technology and working level.

Technology and its various software applications are prone to causing erratic behavior due to technical reasons. The real test of time for these tech savvy people begins when they are not able to operate on the system. But resolving sudden erratic behavior of technology and its application are tech experts. These experts have ground knowledge on a particular technology helping them easily detect odds within fraction of seconds. For those who are users of technology besides knowing the steps of its utility acquiring technical information stands difficult. Hence surfaces out the importance of support services that users can make use of.

Windows1 version had a totally different structure and functioning level of features. It consisted of a graphical User Interface within just 16 bit. It mainly ran on MS-Dos format that required command line inputs. When this is compared with say the Windows 8/8.1 version that is frequently used at present time, stands wide apart. Windows8 has introduced a drastic transition with interface and performance level. It introduced touch friendly icons and functioning capacity. This was mainly because it wanted to involve application of various latest widgets. It however did not want to disturb the thin line existing between touch screen support and with that of desktop users.

The very latest version of Microsoft, Windows 10 is still in its testing stage and is launched basically for those users who are eager to utility. Here the focus was to obtain the correct balance to traditional desktop computer users. The 9 version features were either added or existing features were modified to help work more convenient. The attempt of the developers was not to leave the Users unsatisfied with the utility of the application. The automatic update of Windows Software started with Windows 2000 and it also started to support hibernation.

Success level of Windows Operating System over others

In the market, two Operating Systems that attract people’s attention all at once are Microsoft and Apple computer Macintosh or MAC OS. Although one cannot compare them for the functional level of both are stupendous. Their working base line is different yet one can execute same work on both on the OS flawless. Yet tech experts have been always highly interested in weighing the comfort level and other technical convenience of the two. Success level of Windows Operating System lies in the fact that there is far more available software in the market for Windows system than it is for others. The other reason is may be price involved behind the purchase of system with Windows based Operating System.

Windows system also readily accepts third party software which may not be possible for other OS. Supports for Windows based system are also readily available, helping users get familiar to their system. Online threat attacks were a major concern for Windows based system since long time, but this too has been minimized to a lot of extent. Microsoft includes its own security software along with the suite and in addition also supports highly working third party Security program in the system. Further developers of Windows Operating system have long back started to include Stricter User-permission policy helping check any kind of security concerns.

The Success rate of Windows XP version was phenomenal although evaluating consumer behavior is difficult as it depends on various factors. Customers who had once used the Windows XP version of software were reluctant to switching to other OS because of the ease they witnessed using the software. Windows XP had everything perfect in it for it included best elements of its previous version like- Windows NT similar to Windows 2000 and User Friendly elements from Windows ME. Clear type feature of XP version was to make easier text reading facility on LCD screens. This version was the longest running version, 13 years of existence from its original date of release. It had witnessed three major updates and support till 2014.

How Microsoft tech Support helps for better utility of OS?

With the introduction of modern gadgets operating in tune with computer technology has further led to the improvisation of software and its application. At present everything is a matter of just a fraction of seconds. Touch aspect of these gadgets allows work to be performed quickly. This area of technology is well supported by its important software application. But, switch of newer versions of software application may confuse users. But Users can continue working in each version even after issues doze them at times for certified professionals are there to guide them. Microsoft Tech support is consumer oriented services that takes care of the comfort level of technology and application utility.

To conclude, technology and its various designed software application will keep transforming and cannot but reach the complete satisfaction level of humankind. Perhaps it will keep reminding an important fact, “There is plenty of scope for Improvement.” It will get better with each launch of versions. You as a consumer of such change need to derive utmost fun and benefit with utility of each change.

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Samantha Brown is a tech support industry analyst, and writing about technical aspects. As Marketing and Customer Assistance Manager at Techdotcomp Support, she is involved into assistance of businesses towards finding right BPO and customer support services. She is playing her role amazingly as she keeps herself up-to-date about recent news for customer support services and BPO industry.

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