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Will I Get Banned If I Buy YouTube Subscribers?


YouTube is a video platform and all your success comes from videos, the number of views, likes, and subscribers they get. That’s the reason people buy YouTube subscribers to increase the visibility of their videos. Although this method is not long-lasting and wouldn’t benefit you for longer, still it’s a good strategy for a start-up.

Even though you can get links by adding them in the description, if your content is not appealing, who will give the time to read it? You need to get the videos on your YouTube videos as they are the core of marketing. Just like you are looking for ways to get more views, similarly, there are service providers that are offering them at affordable rates. If you are concerned about whether it would be a safe and reliable way to buy YouTube subscribers and what will happen after that? Keep on reading!

Criteria of Views

YouTube views don’t mean that you just need to increase the number of views, quality, and quantity both count. There are views from real accounts and then there are views from fake accounts and bots. Bots are also categorized as good and bad bots, it depends on you how much and where you invest to buy them. Human viewers that truly interact with your videos and increase the organic views and subscribers of your videos by sharing and commenting on them are the best. While some will have AdBlock installed on their devices and you wouldn’t be able to get ad revenue through them. Still, they are counted as views. You need to have a targeted audience that resonates with your content and takes an interest in it. You need to buy YouTube views from a trustworthy source that provides you with only real and organic views.

Results of Buying YouTube Views

Now coming to your question, will I get banned if I buy YouTube subscribers?’. Well, you wouldn’t get banned and can buy as many views as you want. its consequences depend on the quality of your views and which source provider provides them to you. although you can buy views and subscribers to make use of Ad Words by getting people on your videos. But it’s an expensive process and you’ll end up disturbing your budget.  Buying views from several sources can result in facing bad methods. Because these views may not be counted as views and can disappear from your channel. Also, there is the possibility that your account get suspended and your videos removed. This would be long-lasting damage to your carrier.

What Happens if I Get Caught Buying Views?

If you get caught while buying excessive views and that too repeatedly for the same video. There is the possibility that your video will get removed by YouTube. So it’s better to be careful all through the process. If in any case, you face this issue, you can fill out the form and appeal to YouTube to get your video back on the channel.

How to Buy Views and Subscribers?

The efficient way to buy YouTube subscribers is to consult professionals and visit the official channel, AdWords. Because while dealing with Google to get YouTube views you are giving your money to the same company from where you are going to earn further. Also, this shows that you are not just there to earn money for monetization. Besides that, you can be concerned about third-party sellers like Fiver and others that are reliable and provide you with legitimate views.

Final Words

Besides all these above techniques you can consult a seller that provides low-quality services at less rate. This will result in getting a maximum number of bots and you can get a chance that YouTube will give you a penalty or not. So the good thing is that in case of getting caught, you’ll lose less money. That’s a kind of experience that you can try, whether it works or not. So buying views and subscribers wouldn’t ban your account if you do it in the right and reliable way. Make sure to consult a company with a good reputation and communicate with its experts for the best results.

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