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Why your Mobile CRM Solution is your Best Asset

It’s disappointing to lose customers and B2B companies often wonder why. There can be many reasons, but failing to provide individual care is often the biggest complaint customers have. A mobile CRM solution can help you make sure your customers get the personal attention they demand.

One question at the top of CEO’s minds is ‘Why do customers stop being our customers?’. The answer is – many reasons. But one of the main complaints customers mention is they feel ignored when interacting with large businesses. They want your attention and to feel special. Luckily, there is something you can do to change that. Using a mobile CRM solution will help you treat every customer as an individual, so they never feel overlooked and remain loyal customers.

Here are 3 ways your CRM solution can be your most valuable asset…

Every department can track every customer interaction

Sales reps are constantly on the go travelling between offices and location to meet with prospects and need access to customer data and work orders even when they’re not in the office. With the rise of mobile computing, smart devices, and cloud-based data networks, anything that can be done digitally in the office, can be accomplished just as easily out on the road. Departments across your entire organization get to access the same data, irrespective of country, time zone, or compatibility issues related to platforms.

Your mobile CRM makes it possible for every staff member who has permission, to keep track of all useful information associated with any particular customer, while also providing a company-wide, cloud-based network that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Exceed your customer’s expectations

The B2B buyer has changed drastically. By 2020, millennials will represent 46% of the workforce bringing with them a huge influence on the B2B marketplace. They expect a high level of customer service above all else and will never be satisfied with long turnaround times, delayed responses to inquiries, or disorganization.

This is where your CRM solution comes in extremely handy. With 24/7 real-time access to customer data, your sales reps can resolve any customer issues quickly and efficiently. Through knowledge of what your customer really wants, they can be pro-active, keep in regular touch and create and maintain long-term unique customer relationships.

Increase your sales opportunities

A CRM app changes the way your sales reps do business As manual tasks such as searching for contact information or entering order data are automated, your team are free to spend more time talking to prospective customers and strengthening relationships with existing ones. Increased customer engagement will lead to a definite increase in new sales opportunities.

A properly implemented CRM system gives a 360˚ view of purchase history. By analyzing that data and using the results intelligently, sales reps know exactly what your customers are likely to purchase. Improved customer knowledge leads to more opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling – increasing your sales. Your CRM system becomes a partner working hand in hand with the sales rep to make their job easier—taking care of the menial tasks so your reps focus on what really matters: the customer.

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