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Why Website Optimization Is Pivotal for a Startup’s Online Commercial Success

Every successful business owner understands that the key to maximizing your startup’s revenue potential lies in optimizing and visualizing every step of its sales funnel

Every successful business owner understands that the key to maximizing your startup’s revenue potential lies in optimizing and visualizing every step of its sales funnel. From when a potential customer first becomes aware of your product or services to the final step—when they click the purchase/subscribe button—every element that you put forward needs to work in synergy to convert a lead into a returning, long-term customer.

All of this is even more essential for startup companies, where even a single misstep can lead to failure. It probably comes as no surprise then, that having a website that’s optimized for both SEO and user experience is a fundamental part of retaining people who might be interested in what you’re offering. Let’s take a deep dive into why website optimization is pivotal for your startup’s commercial success:

A Case Study

Let’s walk through a hypothetical online sales instance: Sick of being unable to find hair products that are made specifically for her curly hair, a millennial Los Angeles woman takes her search online.

She opens her browser and types in curly hair products LA into the search bar. When she lands on a SERP that’s populated with results, she—like most people—clicks on one of the top three results that caught her attention the most. However, it takes 15 seconds just for the site to load. She taps her fingers impatiently as she waits.

Once she finally lands on the web page, she finds a product she likes, but on clicking on it, finds that there’s no product description.

Frustrated, she looks to the FAQs to see if the brand’s products are made for Kinky 4C curly hair. Nothing there. As a last ditch effort, she uses the live chat option, no one replies. At this point, like most millennials, she’s out of patience, and she closes the tab, moving on to the next site. How could website optimization have made her not only a one-time customer but a return customer?

Maximizing Resources

Think of the moment when the lead from the case study clicked on the live chat option. As a startup, you probably don’t have the resources to have a whole team that’s dedicated to answering customer questions. That’s alright.

But live chat features are immensely effective at keeping customers on your site. The answer to your problems? Training an AI chatbot!

AI chatbots can be fed all the information you have regarding your products, and by using neural networks, they can reply with surprising accuracy when customers type in keyword-filled sentences. These chatbots can hold you over till an actual representative can answer questions, or even replace them entirely!

This helps your startup save on a ton of valuable resources that you can allocate elsewhere.

Giving Customers All the Information They Need

Customers need to feel like you want to take care of their needs as much as they do. Going back to the case study, if you’re running a startup that sells curly hair products, you need to be aware of the different types of curly hair, whether your products are CG-safe, and what chemicals they have.

This includes fully-featured, exhaustive product pages, high-quality pictures, and lastly, an FAQ page that brings it all together. The devil is in the details, and so is your business’s commercial success. When a customer sees that you took the time out to painstakingly catalogue every piece of information, they’ll know they can trust you.

In the absence of brand recognition, trust and transparency are your startup’s best bets when it comes to attracting customers.

Not Wasting Customers’ Time

Up to 53% of customers leave pages that take too long to load; website optimization can make sure that your images are of adequate size, that your site’s HTML executes without any error, and that all its other elements are in line as well.

Your website’s page load speed is technically the first impression you make on a lead and is a very important factor when it comes to converting them into long-term customers.

SEO Your Way to the Top

An optimized website entails more than just content comprehensiveness and technical features. Having a solid SEO strategy for your small business or startup means that it’ll rank higher for all the relevant keywords that people actually search for; think back to the search in the case study. The lead searched for curly products, but she qualified it with LA at the end.

So even if your website doesn’t rank for hyper-competitive keywords like curly hair products, it can still rank for those same keywords in the location your business is based. In a lot of ways, that’s an even better keyword to rank for. As the search goes both local and mobile, optimizing your website for local keywords is central to your business’s continued success.

Dazzling Your Customers

Website optimization includes a stellar web copywriting service that will make potential leads want to buy your content. CTAs that are compelling can drastically increase conversions, and can also establish your site as an authoritative voice in your industry.

And along with all the other elements of web optimization that are mentioned above, it can seal the deal, making your website a machine that continuously generates revenue without you having to do much.

Concluding Thoughts

The thing about website optimization that makes it so pivotal for a startup’s commercial online success is that it pays dividends for years to come. Once you’ve set all the pieces in place, your website functions seamlessly, enabling you to focus on all the other elements of your business.

About the Author

An SEO specialist at Search Berg for over a decade, Aaron Tylor is an expert when it comes to small business and startup website optimization. He’s helped countless startups across many industries make it in an online-first world.

Whether it’s small business SEO, web development, or link building service, Aaron and the amazing team at Search Berg have your back!

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Joseph Dyson is a small business internet marketing expert at Search Berg, an award winning digital marketing firm that specializes in white label link building services, content marketing and data-driven white-hat SEO. As an online marketing and SEO aficionado, he regularly shares his thoughts and opinions on popular online publications.

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