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Why Quality Content Matters in Optimizing Content for Search Engines and Users – Part 1

The quality of content on a website matters because it is the reason a website is visited. That is why using quality content is important. It not only attracts more links but also improves page rankings as a result of the links. Web designers often neglect the need to create quality content, instead focusing on having a perfect website.

Content strategy helps the web designer to plan, develop and manage information content on a website in addition to improving user experience on the web. It helps the web designer to ensure that content on a site or web page is understandable and readable by users on top of being sharable and findable.

There are a number of steps that can be taken to ensure that content is of quality and is optimized, some of which include;

Planning the Content:

Planning content is important and should be the first step taken in content optimization, because this can mean the difference between 50 and 1000 visitors to a web page.

To effectively plan for the content on the website, the designer needs to choose a topic and then look for the right keyword(s) to use, as this will bring in the right kind of visitors to the site. Finally research has to be undertaken to ensure that the most relevant and unique content is produced on the web site.

Choosing the right topic for the webpage is important and paves the way for other steps to be taken in content optimization. A web designer needs to first answer the question of what the website is about then go about choosing the relevant topic for example if the site is concerned with gold jewelry, choosing generic topics on jewelry will bring in a lot of traffic from the wrong kind of visitors some of which might be looking for jade, or beaded jewelry, or ivory.  While adding heading tags to the code, a lot of care should be taken for example CSS should not be used to mask head tags, wording should be concise, and the tags should never be used twice on the same page.

Keywords entered into the text should not be over crowded and to help with this you can follow a 5% to 20% density in the number of keywords that can be included in the text. Important keywords should be added at the beginning of the page to be given more weight. Formatting of the text is also important in order to show the search engine that certain words are more important than others for example bold keywords in the text are considered important in a text.

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