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Why More People Gamble from their Phones

Although several pieces of research have shown that, you don’t actually need any of it to realize that more and more people start to gamble from their phones. Simply, smartphones are taking over the market from desktop and laptop computers not just in the casino industry, but in every other aspect of life. These devices are far superior in terms of convenience, as they are small, portable, easy to use, and as powerful as most personal computers.

We could say that the era of mobile gambling has started almost a decade ago. In 2011, Apple allowed online casino apps on the Apple store, so users of iPhones and iPads started to download and use these apps massively. Of course, Google Play allowed the same thing soon after, so Android users were able to practice the same kind of gambling as well.

Still, we have to say that online casinos were relatively popular even before these apps became a common thing. Before 2011, many online casino websites were already compatible with smartphone browsers. Today, both forms of online gambling are available and both of them are popular. It is pretty much impossible to find an online casino that doesn’t have a mobile app and mobile-friendly website.

When it comes to numbers, it is hard to be precise at the global level. Still, there is no doubt that the number of mobile gamblers is huge and that measures in millions. According to some statistics, more than 80% of adults use smartphones. However, when it comes to online gambling, it is predominately practiced by younger generations. A vast majority of these gamblers are under 35 years of age. Simply, older generations still prefer brick and mortar establishments, while those who like to gamble from home do that via desktop and laptop computers. Some researchers suggest that around 40 percent of online gamblers prefer smartphones, while 60% still stick to more traditional computer devices.

It’s not hard to predict that this balance will change pretty quickly. Some experts predict that the share of mobile devices will reach 50% by the end of 2021. Simply, mobile devices are taking over the online casino market and there are several reasons for that. As you may presume, most of them are about convenience.

First of all, this way of gambling allows playing in any place. Whether you’re in a bus or you’re waiting in the line or waiting room, or you simply enjoy great weather in a park, you can also enjoy online gambling as long as you have an internet connection. These days, Wi-Fi is everywhere, so it’s hard to imagine that things can be any more convenient than this.

Speaking of convenience, nothing beats a touchscreen and a great thing to know is that all those casino games are optimized for swiping. You don’t need to bother with mouse and keyboard anymore.

Another thing to mention is that you don’t need any special account for this. You can use your account on all devices, whether you’re playing on a website via laptop, or you’re using an app on your smartphone.

Also, many online casino houses offer special bonuses for mobile users, in forms of free spins, free cash, or similar things. Another great thing is that most major online casinos also offer so-called free-play modes, where you can learn to play before you put any wager.

Of course, there are also typical advantages over brick and mortar establishments, such as transport and payment methods. In a brick and mortar casino, all you can do is to use cash to buy casino chips and then cash out every time leave the establishment. With online casino mobile apps, you can keep funds on your account as long as you want, and withdraw them anytime you wish. You can find a list of online casinos with mobile support from sites like Casinomartini.

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