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Why Do You Need Insurance for Your PCO Car Rental?

Do you wonder why you need Insurance for your PCO car rental? Read on to know the core benefits of PCO car hire with insurance to make an informed decision.

PCO cars can help you generate decent daily and weekly earnings to meet your expenses. Regardless of the ridesharing company you choose to work with, your PCO car hire service gives you multiple opportunities to earn and save significant income. PCO drivers with no budget to buy a car can opt for PCO car rental. This service allows you to rent a vehicle against a fee to earn through ridesharing companies. However, car rental comes with insurance. If you wonder why you need it, let us walk you through the details of PCO car hire with insurance.

PCO Car Hire with Insurance – An Overview

PCO car rental companies have created a bridge for freelance drivers to accomplish their ridesharing goals. If you cannot buy a good car due to budget problems, you can lay off the burden on a PCO rental company. Such companies have various vehicles, including EVs and hybrids, for PCO driving. You can choose the car you like and pay a rental fee to use it for earnings. The rental fee includes the service fee and PCO insurance.

PCO car insurance has various benefits that may help you throughout your journey as a PCO driver. Although you must pay for it (to the rental company), the insurance fee saves you from many additional costs as a PCO driver in London. Generally, the rental company provides the following documents with a PCO-insured vehicle. You can rent a vehicle for a fixed period (based on your contract’s terms).

  • PCO License
  • MOT Certificate
  • PHV Insurance

The Benefits of PCO Car Rental Insurance

PCO car hires with insurance has many benefits to facilitate private-hire drivers in major cities. Drivers often hesitate to choose a rented vehicle due to the involvement of insurance fees. They overlook the benefits of insurance and regret their choice later. We have covered the benefits below for all those drivers to help them make an informed decision.

Accidental Protection

Despite the strict traffic laws in most cities, car accidents can happen anytime. The chances multiply when you work as a PCO driver. Most ridesharing companies like Uber, Bolt, and Ola offer better fares during peak hours. More traffic on roads increases the chances of running into an accident. This is where your PCO car rental insurance comes to your rescue.

Your PHV insurance covers the damages and gets you back on the road without denting your financial status. PCO cars in London have PHV insurance that saves them from bearing huge repair costs. You may lose more than you earn weekly if you have to pay for each damage.

Theft and Vandalism Protection

Theft and vandalism are always possible whether you own or rent a vehicle. Such cases can leave you in massive debt if uninsured. With PHV insurance, you can let go of such worries and focus on your earnings. In case of a lost or stolen vehicle, your insurance will compensate the rental company without holding you responsible.

Moreover, if your vehicle faces damages due to vandalism in a particular area, you will be compensated for each repair. PCO car insurance aims to create a win-win equation for PCO drivers and rental services.

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance is crucial for PCO cars due to daily running. Vehicles require an oil change every 5,000 miles (depending on the auto manufacturer’s instructions). You may also need to spare some costs for tyre maintenance, brake fluids, and other periodic maintenance needs. When driving a rented PCO car, your vehicle’s insurance accommodates you for such workshop visits.

Vehicle maintenance is an important factor that PCO drivers should consider when getting a car with insurance. If you do not have a PHV-insured vehicle, these costs will fall directly on your shoulders.

Peace of Mind

Uninsured PCO car rental services may save you some costs but may ruin your peace of mind. Since your job is to drive the car for several hours throughout the week, you may always be at risk of running into accidents, facing damages, and bearing maintenance costs. You may also avoid covering areas with more traffic and narrow streets to ensure vehicle safety.

PCO drivers can best perform when they are stress-free. PHV insurance provides them the ease to make potential earnings throughout the week.

The Takeaway

Finding a professional PCO car rental service can take a lot of work for new PCO drivers. Many factors come into play, including rental fees, insurance coverage, contract terms, and choice of vehicles. G&M Direct Hire holds an excellent reputation as a PCO car rental service. The company has a variety of EVs and hybrids to suit your ridesharing needs. You can choose KIA E-Niro, Toyota Prius Plus, Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius Plug-In, MG5, and more to fit your goals. Contact GMDH to discuss your needs.

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