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Why do Australians Call Slot Machines Pokies?

Slots are immensely popular all over the world, Australia included, and they can be found at all the important online casinos. You won’t hear about slots if you play in the realm down under, but instead, you will frequently hear Australians refer to them as pokies. Keep reading to find out where the term comes from and why it is used in this country while being less popular in other parts of the world.

The short version of poker machines

Now that most people play online pokies over the Internet by clicking this webpage here, it is normal to refer to slot machines as slots. After all, there are no machines involved, and software will determine the outcome of each game. Algorithms are responsible for the entire process, and the return to the player is clearly displayed before the game starts, so everyone knows what to expect. However, back in the day, people called the game slot machines, and in Australia, they were commonly referred to as poker machines.

The name speaks for itself, and the only versions of the game were actually based on poker, with the latest iterations expanding the notion. Over the years, the poker games lost traction, and themed slots became more popular everywhere, including in Australia. However, the name endured, and even today we only hear Australians call the games pokies, even if they have nothing to do with poker. They simply love abbreviations, and with poker machines being too long of a term, pokies were embraced.

A century of excellence in pokies

The first poker machines were created at the turn of the 20th century, with the very first games being released around the year 1900. They used rudimentary engineering, but the mechanisms were fun, and people found value in spinning their reels. As technology advanced, so did the pokies and their popularity exploded when online casinos were established. An Internet connection is all you need to go play your favourite games today from the comfort of your home or using a mobile device.

Speaking of smartphones and tablets, Australians love to spin the reels of pokies on handheld devices. All the important online casinos made it possible for Panthers to sign up for an account, apply for bonuses and make deposits on mobile. Not surprisingly, pokies are now available in this format, and software developers go to great lengths to release mobile-friendly titles. The advancement of technology is expected to push the boundaries even further, with VR around the corner.

For the time being, cryptocurrencies are among the strongest catalysts, providing a new way to deposit and gamble online. Slots enthusiasts can spin the wheels of their favourite games without having to reveal too much information about themselves. Simultaneously, they enjoyed the advantage of provably fair games with outstanding graphics and a higher return to the player. Online casinos accept a mix of traditional and cryptocurrency, so their players enjoy unmatched freedom of choice.

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