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Why Custom Websites are Much Better than Using Website Builders

The need for websites is increasing at a very high speed. In 2016, the number of sites was just over 1 billion, but the figure has doubled in less than three years. In 2019, we are talking about over 2 billion websites, and the numbers will only go up. More websites equal increased competition for businesses, and if your business is to make it, it has to stand out. That is where custom websites come in.

Although template website builders are popular because they are easier to use when creating a website, it is better to use the services of professional custom website developers such as Below are the arguments for a custom website.

You can build a business that stands out

The templates and features that website builders offer may not be adequate for you to include all the items you would want to on your website. There is a way you envision your website, and using a custom website can help you achieve that. When building your website, you can add a specific feature that would otherwise not be available in a website builder, making your site more customized. A custom website makes you appear credible and professional, giving your business the uniqueness it needs.

Templates may not be scalable or compatible with other browsers

Templates are inflexible because their capacities are limited in terms of scalability. As for a custom website, you can scale by upgrading it to a higher level of technology. Additionally, when using a template, there is a danger that your website design will be inconsistent across different platforms. A custom website is designed to be consistent with multiple platforms, which boosts your search engine rankings.

You can optimize a custom website for conversion

Template websites appeal to a broader audience, without the existence of a specific path which can convert leads to real customers. A professional website builder can help you with that crucial aspect of the business so that you make money from your website.

Custom websites are more search engine friendly

A website designer will ensure your site has all the SEO features it needs to be visible on the web. These include CSS and HTML codes. Companies which invest in professional website rank better on search engines.

A custom website will cost less in the long run and save you time

You may escape the cost of hiring a professional web builder in the short run, but you will make many errors with a DIY website because you are not an expert in web design. With a professionally designed website, you will enjoy more traffic, engage better with customers, and convert to leads. Think about the time you will take trying to figure out how to install and configure themes, add content, and more. A professional builder will take between 60-80 hours to get your site up, while you will take twice that amount of time or more.

Maintenance and modification of your website is easy

With a custom website, you will get help and support in case of any glitches that occur on your website. Websites are characteristic of bugs and technical hitches, which can make your site unresponsive. When it comes to hosting and maintaining your business, you have better support with a custom website. With many websites built using website builders, you may not be able to customize the templates or get access to the web code. For customizations on the DIY website, you will need to hire a web builder, which will cost you more than if you had started with a custom website.

In case you need to change hosting or domain name of your DIY website, you may need to create a new website. Some providers do not give the option to transfer your content.

Helps you get our priorities right

Giving the website creation work to a professional leaves you with the much-needed time to focus on your website. Instead of using up time on a DIY network that may even fail to publish or leave your business with a bad first impression, you can spend that time networking, getting new clients, or strategizing on how to grow your business.

More often, building a DIY website is a bad idea. Creating a website using a website builder is not as easy as it is made to look. Most times, instructions on how to create an effective website are missing, and 98% of all people who employ DIY tactics fail at publishing. For those who succeed, the websites they create may not be effective in attracting, maintaining and converting visitors. Achieving much-needed results for your website will take a lot of effort on your side. Professional website designers can help you build a winning custom website.

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