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What’s the Newest Safety Tech in Commercial Vehicles?

What are some of the newest technologies coming into the commercial truck industry?

Business owners and companies are constantly on the lookout for the best safety solutions that will help them deal with the problems they face in their fleet of commercial vehicles. Today, one of the biggest challenges faced by owners of commercial vehicles is collision accidents. These accidents can be expensive, dangerous, result in lost profits and are sometimes even fatal. To resolve this problem, commercial vehicle manufacturers continuously engage in innovations aimed at improving the on-road safety for these vehicles.

What are some of the newest technologies coming into the industry?

Lane Departure Warning Systems

This system is designed in such a way that it warns drivers when the vehicle is about to veer out of its lane. Trucks fitted with this system issue a warning which alerts the driver who can then take corrective measures. Modern LDWS come with a 3-in-1 capability which warns, assists, and self-centers. The lane assist function helps the driver steer the vehicle back to the right lane when it detects that it had veered away and came close to the lane markings. The lane centering assist is one of the latest additions which makes it possible for truck drivers to keep the trucks centered on their current lanes.

Electronic Stability Control Systems

This system helps to prevent crashes by reducing the chances of skidding or losing control which normally occurs due to over-steering. The system takes over when a commercial vehicle driver loses control of the vehicle on wet or snowy roads and brings it back to track.

Forward Collision Warning Systems

This system scans the road ahead and alerts truck drivers if there is any stationary or slow-moving vehicle on its path. By doing so, it helps the driver to avoid collisions by braking automatically.

Blind Spot Detection Systems

This system helps commercial vehicle drivers to see other users of the road in places where the conventional mirror cannot see. The system uses radar sensors on the rear or side of the vehicle and helps the driver avoid sideswiping the vehicles behind him.

Vehicle Communication Systems

This makes it possible for commercial vehicles on the road to communicate with each other and help to eliminate the high cost of collisions. Much better than old-fashioned radios, new systems connect drivers in a more integrated way and can help alert team members to someone who gets stranded.

Businesses can reduce the high cost of traffic collisions by ensuring that they fit their vehicles with these new safety technologies. These  are just a few that can help your fleet avoid fatalities, collisions and lost profits.

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