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So, What’s Kodi and How Does it Work?

Kodi refers to application software that allows users to stream media content across various compatible platforms. Users can stream content such as videos, music and pictures straight to their televisions, computers and android devices, without being tied down to a third-party media house. The software comes packaged in a Kodi box for the purposes of usability and portability.

By acquiring a loaded box, home users can enjoy their favorite programs without any obligations, as it does not involve paying any subscription fee. However, the legality of Kodi boxes has come into question, especially in relation to streaming of copyrighted content. Nonetheless, as long as users follow the relevant copyright laws, they can benefit from their Kodi boxes without any fuss.

How a Kodi Box Works

Kodi software works via the use of add-ons and plug-ins to stream media content from various sources. Add-ons are independent software components that add a specific function to an already existing program. In this case, Kodi add-ons seek media content on the internet and facilitate the streaming of the content back to the user’s device. Kodi software cannot stream content, as a stand-alone program and that is why its code is open source, to allow coders to develop more add-ons and plug-ins, for a better user experience. Popular add-ons include Exodus, which allows users to stream movies and TV programs.

The development of add-ons and plug-ins utilizes highly advanced programming languages such as Python and C++ to create specific features that come along with conventional Kodi boxes. Add-on extensions increase the functionality of Kodi boxes and users can utilize their devices to carry out certain tasks including instant messaging, email access and even share content with other users. Additionally, just like any other advanced application, Kodi software allows users to customize the device’s interface by changing skins, themes and color schemes. It also allows users to select their preferred language from the settings menu.

Although a Kodi box works across various devices including old computers, the end platform must meet minimum specifications. The hardware requirements for Kodi software include:

• 3D Graphics Hardware Controller
• Duo Core 2GHz CPU (for PC installations)
• MediaCodec (for Android devices)

Setting up Kodi

Setting up Kodi is rather easy. To take advantage of the functionality of Kodi, you need to connect the box to a compatible device using an HDMI cable. However, if you are using the Kodi software on an Android device, then you do not need an HDMI cable.

The next step involves setting up an internet connection. As aforementioned, Kodi boxes facilitate the streaming of media content into compatible devices. Streaming of media can only take place over an internet connection. Connecting to your Wi-Fi hotspot is as easy as connecting your Smartphone to the internet. If you encounter any problem, simply follow the instructions on the manual that came with the box.

After setting up your internet connection, your Kodi box is ready to go. Switch on your box and download your favorite add-ons from the list available. You can set up your favorite skin, theme and even color scheme, for a fulfilling entertainment experience.

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Michael Sanduso lives in Toronto, Canada. He is a freelance writer and editor, tech geek, and stay at home father.

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