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What to do Yourself and What not to do in a Digital World

Unless you are very young you probably didn’t grow up in a fully digital world. Just twenty years ago the internet was still a fairly new phenomenon, mobile phones were only starting to become popular and people were still buying compact discs. The world has come a long way in a very short space of time. Some people have kept abreast with the changes in technology a lot better than others, but the truth is that everyone is slowly coming to terms with the fact that the internet is here to stay and that you need to be on it if you are going to succeed in the digital age. The big question now is what should you be doing by yourself and what should you be outsourcing to partners? Here is a quick summary to help set you on the way.

Don’t be a hero

You absolutely cannot do everything, and it is important that as you migrate to digital that you recognise what your strengths and weaknesses are. As a starting point, you should know that you will probably never be able to deliver the best SEO service company by yourself. This is something that requires specialist skills and you should partner with a company who has the intellectual and technical capacity to cater for whatever situations present themselves. Round the clock support and scalable solutions – a server under your bed is simply not the way to go.

Try to keep your own voice

There are plenty of agencies who will happily jump in and write content for you or who will seek to be your voice on social media. If you struggle with words or if you are really pressed for time, then maybe this is a solution. But if you can make a plan to be your own voice then you should try. The best person to represent a brand is the brand owner or senior people from within the team. You can agree to a content calendar with your digital agency, but try, if possible to populate the calendar yourself.

Search engine optimisation

This is another thing that needs to be outsourced. Sure, if you run a small blog site that is largely for personal satisfaction you can try to do it yourself. But if your website needs traffic to sustain itself through advertising, for e-commerce or as a means of discovery for potential clients, then you need an expert to take care of this vital element of the process. Organic search is hard to properly understand so get an expert in to take care of the details and to make sure that you rank highly when people search for you.

Digital strategy

This is something that you need to be involved in. Maybe not exclusively you as there is definitely room for an agency to get involved and lend their expertise, but the owner of the business needs to be involved in this. A digital strategy dovetails with a company’s overall strategy and direction and if you are not part of this conversation and process then there is a massive risk of the digital strategy not aligning properly with the overall business goals.

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