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What is the Future of Email Marketing?

E-mail marketing is probably the most popular way of exposing a marketing message to a large group of potential customers and consumers. In the same time it is one of the oldest forms of internet marketing. But we all know that time is changing and even the new technologies and concepts like the Internet are evolving, so email marketing may not be such a useful tool as it was before. Or maybe it will be useful! Who knows? In the next paragraphs you will find some of the most popular predictions on the subject of email marketing, made by some of the best Internet marketing specialists.

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Due to the constant changing and evolution of devices, people are now more connected to the Internet than ever. We have the Internet everywhere, on our computers, tablets, phones and even in our cars. This allows  marketing specialists to create strategies and one of them is still the email marketing strategy. But these new devices have made content to become really interactive and consumers now have to receive messages in an interactive format. The classic email content which was more about informing the consumer about the product or service offered is not so useful any longer. It’s time for short, straight to the subject and modern emails for a positive response.

As a result of these social pages, masked in emails, people are always in touch with each other resulting in a situation known as the share concept that allow marketing messages to be shared. However, in order to be shared an email must be worth sharing. Therefore, a marketing specialist will have to create an email in which the product is exposed to the public in an interesting fashion. The most often shared messages are good deals, discounts, events and insider info about new products that are about to be launched.  If a marketer manages to use one of this info in his marketing email, that email message can potentially be seen by hundreds or thousands of people who aren’t even in his or her contact list. Furthermore, thanks to the peers’ networks, the marketing specialist is not required to know all the people to whom he’s sending a message. Moreso, he can attract new users to sign up to a newsletter via social sharing.

In recent years something really useful happened in the location-based marketing technique and in future this will be an awesome marketing strategy. The check-in concept will allow marketers to be in contact with their clients and whenever they are reaching a certain area a software program will recognize offers in the same location and send them an automated email. This will be one of the best features that internet marketing will offer in the future.

No one can say for sure what will happen with email marketing. Some predict that it’s going to go extinct and others predict that it is going to bloom. However, as new technologies appear, new ways of email adaptations will be invented and this old friend of every Internet marketing specialist will always be present in the business.

As for investments, investing in an email marketing campaign can’t be a bad idea. Regardless of what will happen, email marketing is not a huge budget eater and the traditional short campaigns will keep anyone away from making a huge investment in something which is going to fail anyway. But since no one is able to predict the future, we will just have to try and see what’s going to happen. Who knows, maybe email marketing will become even more popular and useful than it ever was.

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This article writer is a skill full PHP Freelance Developer Mr. Sajesh and he worked for almost 5 years as a PHP developer in the company. He states that the work of a freelancers php developer is not easy but he should enjoy his work of development web pages. He worked on a freelancer php development project last year and his client appreciated his work.



  1. myles

    July 12, 2013 at 10:10 am

    Emailmarketing has a very good future. As reaching out to your customers via email can be very productive at times. And it brings out the best of results if done correctly.

  2. Rohit

    July 12, 2013 at 6:10 pm

    nice information about the email marketing, i am new to blogging and do not know much about the email marketing, thanks for helping me out.. 🙂

  3. raj

    July 13, 2013 at 4:49 am

    Email Marketting had a really good past & it will surely have a great future as well. It really worked fine for my blog when my traffic got down because of a google update. It is still a great & effective way for selling your services into the market. It won’t get affected until some suitable raplacement of email service comes into the market, by now i could not find any which can disturb growth of email marketting.

  4. Laura Watson

    May 7, 2014 at 10:02 am

    I think email marketing is still the most effective technique of online promotion. As the technology is growing, the way of email marketing is also changing, but no doubt it is still giving the most economical means of connecting your potential customers.

  5. Ahtsham

    March 1, 2020 at 6:25 am

    Thank you very much for this article, it’s very helpful.

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