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What is Industrial Automation?

Modern technologies are created to make our lives easier. When they are applied to factory automation, they lead to higher efficiency and a decrease in the costs of production. It not only sounds great but has real application in life. For example, on, you can familiarize yourself with an industrial robot system and understand how to use it in your factory.

Levels and types of automation

The main idea of automation machine manufacturers Rios is to create robots and machines that can replace humans, especially for monotonous or dangerous tasks. Human control must be left only for crucial decisions and points where intelligent machines can’t help.

According to the type and level of application of the factory automation, a company can use:

  1. Partial automation is applied to some devices or machines or for only one technological step. It is useful in cases when the processes are complex and fast, and their management requires some help but cannot exist without humans.
  2. Complex automation is a good decision for one process that can be automated through all its steps as a part of the whole production. Generally, it is an individual solution according to the needs of the factory.
  3. Full automation represents the highest level, where robots do all the control and organization of the process. In the modern world, only nuclear energy factories are the closest to this type. As for others, they still need humans for control.

The concept of complete automation for industrial processes can be applied step by step. Many factories use semi-automatic systems, and this equipment can be partially changed to reach a higher level of automaticity.

Together with a reliable vendor of robots and automatic machines, you can develop your enterprise and make it not only more modern but also more profitable.

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