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What is Google Data Studio and 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using It

Analytics can be overwhelming, confusing, and quite frankly, a pain in the back side to decipher. Click here to learn why you should use Google Data Studio.

Digital marketers have always found analytics to be quite challenging. Analytics can be overwhelming, confusing, and quite frankly, a pain in the backside to decipher.

There have been so many cases where marketers even chose not to report their client’s findings since they had no clue where to start. This is, typically, because of all the impossible-to-understand data and the information overload.

If you belong to an agency that does provide its clients analytical reports, you’re probably used to downloading data from Google Analytics and then laboriously adding all that data in Excel spreadsheets so you can create spreadsheets and diagrams.

Google has come up with a solution to your problem by allowing you to create reports directly in Google Data Studio. What’s so great about the beta version of these tools? Let’s find out:

Why Should You Use Google Data Studio?

1. Live Reports

Having a large variety of charts and graphs may be great, but what makes Google Data Studio so great is that all of these reports get updated in real time. For instance, when your data in Google Analytics gets updated, so will your dashboard and custom reports on Data Studio. As a result, you wouldn’t have to worry about sending multiple reports to your manager or clients.

2. Data Connections

Since Google Data Studio is a product by Google, you will find it easy to sync it with other products (such as Attribution 360, Sheets, Analytics, and Adwords). As a result, you will have no trouble importing your existing data into Data Studio.

3. Easy-to-Use Interface (Drag and Drop)

Have you ever used Google Suite (Google Forms, Sheets, Docs, etc.)? If so, then you’re going to feel very comfortable using Data Studio’s user-friendly interface. There’s literally no learning curve and the technicalities are quite minimal.

4. Collaboration

As is true with the majority of Google products, sharing files is a walk in the park. You and your co-workers will find it easy to modify or share reports and grant specific users or groups different levels of access. Gone are the days when you needed to export sheets, PDFs or take screenshots. All your dashboards and reports are now a lot easier to update and share so you can meet the specific needs of managers or clients.

5. Templates

Google Data Studio offers users a range of templates that can really come in handy. All you need to do is sync your data, and this application will automatically create reports for you. If you ever feel adventurous, you will have various tools at your disposal that will allow you to design customized reports.

Final Thoughts

Stop thinking of Google Data Studio as a replacement for Google Analytics or perhaps other reporting tools. Instead, you should think of it as your master dashboard that grants you access to multiple sources of data for real-time updates.

Having access to all of this data in one platform can be a real game-changer for your business, especially if you have limited resources. To learn more about how you can benefit from the power of data science, you could visit our website for more information.

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