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What Data Security Solutions Should I Use?

All businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the demands placed on them concerning data security protection. New laws designed to benefit private customers mean that businesses are now more responsible for the care and management of data than ever before. This means that there is also an increased risk that any data loss could cause serious damage to the business, and may harm their brand reputation. If you are concerned about the requirements for data protection, and want to know which the best options available are, then you need to consider the options available for your data protection solutions.

Encrypting your data

One of the most basic forms of data protection is encryption, and it is still one of the most widely used forms of data protection. You may choose to encrypt data directly using software so that it is encrypted as it passes into storage, or you may choose to use other forms of data security solutions, including disk encryption, which involves writing the data to a hard drive, and then encrypting it. This can be difficult to sustain over long period of use, and disks can become corrupted over time, leaving you at even greater risk of exposure.

Security restrictions

Another basic way to protect data which has been used since the development of business offices is physical data restrictions. This means that you select the staff members who are allowed access to particular types of data. Workers may need to access some forms in order to help customers with their orders, while more sensitive data might be restricted to Managers and CEOs. Security ‘passes’ such as a dongle allow users to access the data, but this is only secure as long as the connection between dongle and data works, and as long as the dongle is not found by someone else.

Software mechanisms

A newer technology, but one which is preferred by those who chose to use cloud computing is data auditing. This software program helps to manage data by streamlining it, filing it and organising it into packets of information. Data controlled by software is less likely to be exposed to problems such as corruption, and the audit is constantly supplying the security team with information about the data being stored. Data can also be secured by removing vulnerabilities in the computer network, including access patches that don’t work completely, or glitches caused by running new software on older programs. With data security solutions businesses can take control of how their data is accessed, processed and filed, and it can also be used to help you manage more complex data storage, including cloud computing between offices in different locations.

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1 Comment

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