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What Career Can I Have With A Degree In IT?

The great thing about Information Technology (IT) is that it plays a pivotal role in any business, so there are plenty of opportunities for you if you opt for a career in IT. Any business will want someone who is well qualified to fill their IT related vacancies, so having a degree in IT opens many doors for you.

Professional IT course providers like Upskilled make sure that you can study for your IT degree, even if you need to fit your study around your current career. You can choose different methods of study, such as online, and still gain that all important degree you need to progress with your career in IT. We are going to take a look at just a few of the jobs that an IT degree can open up for you.

Developing applications

If you work as an applications developer you will be expected to ascertain the needs of a business and develop programming code that provides them with the programs they need. You will probably be expected to specialise in areas like office solutions or mobile applications, although apps may need to be developed across a range of platforms. The role of an app developer is interesting and varied; tasks can include:

  • Ascertaining program needs.
  • Working on projects as part of a team.
  • Recognising and resolving issues.
  • Testing programs.
  • Bringing programs into production.

If working as an app developer is attractive to you then you can expect to earn an average salary of around AU$67K, with top rates reaching around AU$90K.

Working with databases

Working as a database administrator means that you become involved with helping to create databases as well as making sure that they work as they should and remain secure. You have to make sure that all of the data is consistent. Other aspects of a database administrator role can include:

  • Ascertaining the requirements of database users.
  • Developing databases.
  • Ensuring ongoing database performance.
  • Ensuring the standard of the data in the databases.
  • Ensuring database access security is maintained.

If this role sounds attractive to you then you could expect to earn an average salary of around AU$71K. Top earners in the field can expect to receive around AU$104K.

Working as a web designer

If you have a degree in IT then you may want to use it in conjunction with your creative side. If this is the case a web designer role could be the perfect choice for you. A web designer creates all aspects of a web site, from the overall design to the code required to make it perform as it should. Many web designers do not just create websites they also maintain them on an ongoing basis. Overall, responsibilities in this role can include:

  • Agreeing requirements with clients.
  • Ensuring the domain name is registered and hosting is set up.
  • Creating sample layouts and getting client agreement.
  • Using software to code websites.

If you use your degree to help you get work as a web designer you can expect an average salary of around AU$51K, and a top potential salary of around AU$71K.

These are just a few of the varied roles you can apply for if you have a degree in IT.

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