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What are the Best Analytics Tools to Use in 2022?

What are some of the top analytics and data visualization tools in 2022 that can help your organization gain actionable insights and make better, more informed decisions?

Businesses typically depend on IT teams to analyze data and deliver critical insights, but this requires power users with deep expertise in these analytics tools. Line-of-business leaders are becoming the main IT decision-makers, giving them greater control over analytics and business intelligence solutions. Modern analytics tools offer mostly similar capabilities, and business leaders face a challenge while selecting the right solution for their business.

Let’s discuss modern analytics and business intelligence solutions that can help your organization gain actionable insights and make better, more informed decisions.

Oracle Analytics Cloud

Oracle Analytics Cloud is a complete cloud-based analytics platform that empowers your entire organization to analyze business data, in any environment, on any device. Oracle Analytics Cloud combines multiple Oracle and non-Oracle systems to deliver comprehensive analytics capabilities. Oracle Analytics Cloud offers everything your business needs – from self-service data discovery to advanced data loading and blending, powerful data preparation, enrichment, visualizations, and AI/ML-powered data advanced analytics.

Oracle Analytics Server

Oracle Analytics Server is an on-premises data visualization, and analytics platform with advanced augmented and Artificial Intelligence capabilities. It provides all the features and functionality of Oracle Analytics Cloud for customers who prefer on-premise deployments and require greater control over their analytics. You can leverage AI/ML capabilities to uncover critical insights from your data, get new recommendations, creating stunning data visualizations and pixel-perfect reports. Customers have the flexibility to choose a self-managed on-premises or private cloud deployment and offer a natural upgrade path for existing OBIEE customers.


Tableau enables your entire organization to visualize and analyze data, with offerings for every type of user. From business users looking to get quick insights to data scientists who want to perform complex analysis or C-level executives who need high-level reports for better decision making, Tableau can support all of their needs. Connect to any data source – both on-premises and in the cloud and use Tableau can help you discover visual patterns quickly, revealing hidden opportunities from your data. Empower your users without being limited to pre-defined templates and ensure fast deployment, seamless integration, high scalability, and reliability. Tableau Online offers a fully hosted solution, so you don’t have to worry about configuring servers, managing software upgrades, or scaling hardware capacity.

Power BI

Power BI delivers analytics and data visualization to those who need it. Power BI can explore your data, find hidden patterns, and predict future outcomes based on historical trends. You can also create mobile-friendly reports that can be consumed on the go and use the desktop version to publish reports to the cloud, on-premises, or embed them into other applications. The advanced AI capabilities require no coding skills, enabling even business users to get insights and improve decision making. You can access data from several supported sources on-premises and cloud-based, such as Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Azure, SharePoint, and Excel. Get faster insights by leveraging pre-built data visualization and report templates and improve collaboration by quickly sharing them with your team. You can also reduce IT dependency with a unified business intelligence solution that is centrally governed and offers robust security.


Looker offers an intuitive, easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface in the cloud. It provides data analytics and advanced visualization with data management and business intelligence. You can use Looker to combine data from multiple data sources, and it also offers flexible deployment methods. You can also connect Looker with a wide array of databases, such as Snowflake and Amazon Redshift, avoid database lock-in and operate in multi-cloud data environments. Data analysts and business users can easily modify data models and customize them according to their needs with a built-in code editor. Looker can be hosted on public clouds such as Google Cloud Platform and AWS and hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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