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Wedding Dresses – the Classic Fashion Styles that you Will Love

What is a wedding without a wedding dress? Since time immemorial, the wedding dress has been considered to be the most important attire for any wedding; traditional or modern, a wedding is never complete without the a wonderful and carefully chosen wedding dress.

Let’s face it, just like it is with choosing men’s wedding bands and other preferred wedding jewelry and accessories, choosing the perfect wedding dress requires a lot of time, energy and money. There is so much to choose from in regards to wedding dresses for the bride and her maids. If you have looked at different bridal magazines, then you know for a fact that there are many fabrics to choose from; some of which are heavy while others are light weight.

And now that you have a rough idea of what to expect, here is some of the most commonly sought after wedding fabrics. To save you the trouble, here is a detailed list of materials that create the most beautiful and classic wedding dresses for different body types. However, note that your choice of fabric will determine how the dress feels and looks on you, so choose wisely.

  • Lace Wedding Dresses – are you looking for timeless, fashionable and affordable dresses for you the bride and your maids? Then lace is the perfect choice for you. Lace dresses never go out of style. They are also comfortable, fashionable and above all very much affordable. Therefore if you want to look good despite your tight budget, you can never go wrong with a lace dress. Depending on personal taste and preferences, you can choose long lace dresses, lace mini dresses, back less lace dresses, strapless lace dresses and so on. Fact is, with the wide variety, you can never go out of options.
  • Chiffon Wedding Dresses – the modern brides seem to prefer chiffon for their wedding dresses and their bride maids’ dresses. This is because chiffon is light weight and incredibly sheer. This type of material is said to accentuate a woman’s curves bringing out her physical beauty and sense of style. However, bad news is chiffon is very delicate and you must carefully watch out for pulls and snags.
  • Organza Wedding Dresses – this material is similar to chiffon. Very light weight though stiffer. Since organza is a well structured material, organza wedding dresses are perfect, gorgeous and comfortable especially for weddings that are done during summer. Owing to the fact that this material is delicate, you should also watch out for snags and pulls
  • Satin Wedding Dresses – these are the most common and most durable wedding dresses of all times. Satin is also a versatile material making it a perfect choice for the bride and her maids. Satin is also a well structured and supportive material that is perfect for either draped, ruche and/or ball gowns. And since it is not light weight like chiffon and organza, satin is perfect for cold weather weddings.

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