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Website Design Ideas to Adopt for Your Webpage    

Website design is all about making your website more appealing and easier for visitors. Since this field strikes a balance between aesthetic elements and technology, the trends in web design change frequently.

If you look at the fashion, the 80s and 90s are making a comeback with bootcut jeans and old-school sneakers. The same kind of trend can be noticed in web design as well.

The year 2022 will be diverse and unique for web designers as they will get to experiment with different design languages.

If you are a business owner and want to build a website that is at par with the latest trends both in terms of design and technology, then it would be best to hire a website design agency.

Such agencies have a dedicated team of designers and developers who stay on top of recent trends and can help you build the best website possible. No matter what kind of website design ideas you have, an experienced web design agency can help you turn your ideas into reality.

Here are some website design ideas and trends that you can adopt for your website with the help of an experienced web design agency.

Memphis Design

This design language can be dated back to the eighties, wherein pop colors and unique shapes are used abundantly. You may not like Memphis design if you are into a minimalist look.

A website based on this design language employs a lot of shapes and patterns to highlight certain banners on the website. Moreover, designers commonly use gradient colors to add depth to the design.

This design can be deemed quirky as it breaks the monotony of simple and understated designs. It also denotes youthfulness, charm, and enthusiasm and adds a personality to the brand.


In simple terms, a typographic can be deemed as a design that incorporates the art of lettering (fonts) with art. Herein, the letters or fonts are arranged artistically and creatively.

Typographic elements are taking over website designs, and many websites have started incorporating typographic elements into their hero images and banners.

By using a well-designed typographic, the website can draw visitors’ attention. Moreover, these designs tend to be bold, making them hard to miss.

So, if you want to have the company slogan or motto on the website, putting it in typography can be a viable solution to highlight the statement.

Interactive Websites

These websites take advantage of advanced HTML banners and other technological innovations to showcase detailed animation on the website. For instance, when you visit a website and interact with the elements, they will move as per the set animation.

While big conglomerates, like Apple, commonly use these interactive designs, they are getting more mainstream.

Earlier the use of heavy animation on the website was discouraged as it could slow down the loading speed. Still, since innovation in HTML, it is easier to incorporate interactive design without impacting the loading speed.

The expert web designers from an agency will be able to guide you through the interactive design options available to you as per your niche and business objectives.

Line Graphics

Line graphics, more commonly known as handmade graphics, are making their way into the web design trend this year. Herein, the graphics that you would see on the website are minimalistic and replicate the feel of a handmade graphic.

Designers that you hire may choose to form those graphics to imitate the look of a crayon, paint, or pencil.

These graphics give your website a more authentic and raw feel and are considered a chic design choice.

These are some website design trends making their way into this year.

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