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Web Design – How to Make It Memorable

The intention of all website owners without exception is to be as sticky as possible to users and have users coming back to it repeatedly to fulfill their needs. If the design and contents of the site are very useful and the site is user-friendly, it will also prompt many users to engage with it and refer the site to others with similar interests. The number of backlinks that a site is able to get is a very good indicator of its value to users, and in effect, also of its design.

Good website design does not happen by accident; good connection with users is usually the product of a conscious strategy to build stickiness and user-friendliness. Some tips on how to make it happen:

Make a Good First and Continuing Impression

Most successful websites have extremely powerful images on the landing page and provide a series of elements such as left-hand navigation of the site, strong contrast between the website elements, and typography that is easily readable as well as beautiful. All the interactions that the user makes should be simple and seamless giving them enough satisfaction to keep them coming back.

Tell an Interesting Story

Apart from generating revenue, a website is an opportunity for you to inform your audiences as to who you are, what you do and how you can benefit them. Needless to say, more users will be compelled to read what you have to say if it is narrated in an engaging manner. According to research conducted by, the storytelling has two important components; text that’s simple yet precise, and visuals that serve to focus the attention of the users and add value to the text. The text and the images should be laid out in such a manner that it provides an immersive experience to the user and compels him to stay on the site till his needs are satisfied.

Make Effective Use of Color

Achieving the right balance of color can be quite tricky; too little color can make the site very bland and boring and easily forgotten, while a riot of colors can overwhelm the senses of the users and force them to abandon the site. The secret to good design is to employ a color palette that is right for the industry you are in but also is distinctive enough for the design to make an impact even when it needs to compete with many other things vying for the user’s attention.

Make It Fun

Websites that make it big with users have that unique characteristic that makes it fun for users to engage with it. While typography, imagery, and color palette can be put to very good use in making the website interesting, it is usually when the users get an opportunity to do something that tickles their sensibilities or intellect they stay on the site for a long time. Depending on the industry you are in, giving a light treatment with the text can make the browsing experience very interesting and memorable. Use of happy characters also has a rub-off effect on the customer, which is why almost all successful sites have images of people enjoying themselves.

New Content with a Familiar Feel

If you are operating in a dynamic environment, it is natural that things will keep on happening all around and these need to be brought to the attention of the users. In fact, since many users will be repeating their visits just to keep abreast of the sector developments, it is a good idea to keep on tweaking the content for freshness, however, care should be taken to overlay the site design in such a way that it still feels integral to your site.


Much of what users like lies in the subconscious of users and can be very difficult to ascertain. As a result, developing a website design that is memorable can be quite tricky. Website owners need to try their best to keep on tweaking their sites with elements that are proven to be conducive to stickiness and keep on monitoring the performance of the site with some time, they are sure to get signals as to what works with their users.

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Isabella Rossellini is a writer and writes her own blogs. She wrote many articles on fashion, beauty, food, technology, education etc.

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