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What to Wear to a Club: 13 Outfit Ideas for Ladies

When we ladies go clubbing, we dress to impress! Yet, we are always left wondering what to wear to a club that will get those heads turning. That’s exactly why we have rounded up several style ideas to inspire you in your quest for the best party outfits out there. But before anything else, here are a few points to remember:

  • Dressing to impress should never mean going beyond your comfort zone. Always choose an outfit that lets you feel comfortable in your skin.
  • Make it your standard practice to check out your destination’s dress code, especially if you and your friends want to go club-hopping. This lets you plan your outfit in advance so that it can pass at any of the clubs on your itinerary. It also saves you from getting turned away at the entrance because you’re not dressed appropriately (thus, ruining your night!)
  • If you’re layering up for the cold weather, wear a lightweight jacket or coat to avoid the hassle of coat checks. This way, you get to enjoy yourself right away without wasting your time getting in line, and it eliminates the risk of forgetting your coat or losing it.
  • Keep your legs warm during those colder nights by layering with tights or leggings under a short skirt or dress, or opt for those daring thigh-high boots.
  • Ditch the large bags and go for a small cross-body to keep your essentials in, or you could even rock a clutch that matches your outfit.

For more clubbing inspiration, you’ve got to carry on reading…

1. Go for Gold

Stand out from the crowd in a shiny, shimmery gold outfit! Choose a classic, form-fitting cut that moves with you to accentuate your curves without showing too much skin. A V-neckline lets you show off some cleavage while keeping things classy.

2. Strut Your Style in Sheer Lace

If your night-out is more formal and upscale, it may be a good idea to wear a long dress or skirt. However, don’t opt for something too long or billowy as it can get caught on things and make your trip. A narrow flared skirt should do the trick. To get heads turning your way, make it sheer lace from the thighs down to tease a peek at those shapely legs.

3. Glitter Up the Dance Floor

Glittery party outfits are sure to draw the eyes, but don’t forget to choose a dress that flatters your shape. Go too tight and you’ll feel uncomfortable; go too loose and you run the risk of looking like a light bulb. An above-the-knee dress should be perfect without overdoing the glitter effect, while the sleeveless cut lets you show off well-toned arms.

4. Get Colorful with Patterns

Here’s what to wear to a club that makes you instantly noticeable: fun, colorful patterns! We’re not saying you should go all out with funky designs, though. Choose something that is fun and playful without being tacky, like the zigzag rows on this simple dress. You don’t even have to go for pricey exclusives — many wholesale dresses are absolute gems with trendy prints and patterns. You’re certain to find one that perfectly suits your taste without slashing a large hole in your pocket.

5. Have Fun with Colors and Prints

Sometimes the one thing that makes you stand out from the rest is the perfect matching of color and accessory. And by color, we mean vibrant, solid pastels. Everyone’s go-to color when it comes to party outfits is black, because it is the easiest color to match with practically anything. Therefore, choosing a not-so-common color is already something that will get you noticed. But you need to do more; experiment with unexpected combinations, such as draping a bold, animal print scarf over a little powder-blue dress. It’s unusual, but it totally works!

6. Channel Some Boho-Chic Vibe

If you’re going to a fun, casual party, then a hint of boho-chic might just be your style. Dress yourself up in cute casual party outfits, like this short lace dress in black and white. In keeping with the relaxed atmosphere, swap the heels for a pair of comfy boots or Chucks. This way, you also get to enjoy the dancing as much as you like without worrying about sore feet.

7. Try Faux Fur

A faux fur cardigan (or a real fur one, if you truly want to go the extra mile) is guaranteed to grab people’s attention the moment you enter the club. What’s more, it helps keep you warm when you’re standing or walking outside in the cold. It’s the perfect accessory to add pizazz to a plain shift dress. Tip: color-coordinate with over-the-knee boots or stylish tights for an awesome matching outfit.

8. Transform a Classic Knit

For a dressy club, try wearing a white turtleneck knit dress with fitted slacks, sleek dress pants, or a black luxe leather knee-length skirt. Accessorize with an eye-catching statement necklace and matching clutch and you’ll have heads turning your way.

9. Play with Trends

How to dress up for a college party? Go timeless with the ever-popular crop top and skirt combo, play up current trends like floral prints and classic denim jackets for the best look. If you want a fresh and sweet vibe, choose white denim instead of the regular blue, and complete the look with trendy silver sneakers.

10. Go Dark and Edgy

If the club or party has an edgy theme, then punk and glam rock will be your inspirations. An all-black outfit would be perfect in this atmosphere. One quick trick is to make over your classic little black dress by adding punk rock accents and accessories, so that you wouldn’t need to buy a new dress. Round off the look with bulky ankle boots or a pair of Doc Martens and you’re all set.

11. Flaunt Some Sequins

Speaking of trends, sequins and other forms of embellishment have been quite popular on this year’s runways. Be inspired by this popular style and wow the crowd in a trendy, sequined dress. You won’t just stand out, you’ll belong! After all, what’s a nightclub without the shiny sparkles? Tip: dare to be different by choosing colors like purple or blue instead of the common silver and gold.

12. Play with Contrast

Nothing turns heads faster than something unexpected, so a great trick to getting people’s attention is wearing something with contrasting themes or styles. The next time you go clubbing, try layering a leather moto jacket over a soft, lace dress. For added effect (and working in some current trends at the same time), choose a vintage-style pastel pink dress with embroidered flowers.

13. Explore Quirky Combinations

Who said quirky sweaters are not part of what to wear to a club?  With winter fast approaching, a sweater might be your perfect holiday-clubbing outfit. A cute cropped sweater in a trendy red color, with some fun prints thrown in, can be quite the head-turner as part of a cleverly-styled outfit. The key is to get creative without losing coordination. For example, the red heels, fab makeup, and glam hairdo all work together to complement the metallic skirt for an overall, smoky-hot vibe.

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1 Comment

  1. Katie

    August 20, 2018 at 2:13 pm

    True, we should always choose an outfit that lets us feel comfortable in our skin. And yes, fun, colorful patterns are the best to go with.

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