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Water Damaged iPhone & Vancouver iPhone Screen Repair

Generally, dropping your iPhone into the water can cause different types of damage to your iPhone. However, iPhone users do not spend time thinking about what is happening inside their iPhones when they drop their Phones in the pool, kitchen sink, etc. Fortunately, advanced iPhones are water-resistant to a certain extent. Still, they are not completely water-resistant. At times, water damage can cause an iPhone screen to run into issues. For the same reason, iPhone users may think of an iPhone screen repair in Vancouver. In any case, you should dry your iPhone fast if you drop it into the water somehow.

Additionally, we are going to tell you in this post what water damage can do to an iPhone. Later, we shall tell you the best solution to fix water-damaged iPhones.

What Type of Problems Can Water Damage Cause to an iPhone?

When you drop your iPhone into the water, there are various ways your iPhone can run into problems. The following are different types of problems that iPhones can run into after the water damage:

Short Circuit

A short circuit is the first type of damage your iPhone can suffer after the water damage. However, dropping your iPhone into pure water won’t cause the same type of damage. In any case, the water will cause a short circuit once it reaches the motherboard. Further, water can cause this problem while reaching the motherboard of an iPhone via its headphone, jack, and other cracks. As a result, water will cause a short circuit. Please note that a large current is created when there is no current in an iPhone or its circuit is burnt.


Leftover water in an iPhone can cause corrosion. Besides, an iPhone can still corrode if you take out your iPhone from the water fast and dry it. It can happen when you take out your iPhone, turn it off, and dry it. When it happens, it means there is water, that is, left in your iPhone in places, where you cannot reach. Corrosion can occur when the water reacts with the materials inside your iPhone. The best thing you can do to sort out this issue is via water-damaged iPhone diagnostics.

Battery Damage

Dropping an iPhone into the water can also cause its battery to be damaged. It can happen when the water reacts with alkaline inside the battery of an iPhone. Moreover, it can cause damage, that is, immediate and irreparable. The only way to deal with this problem is to replace your iPhone battery. Besides, a phone repair technician who conducts in Vancouver an iPhone screen repair can replace your iPhone battery, too. However, you must contact a reliable iPhone repair technician for this concern.

Screen Damage

Another problem that your iPhone can run into with water damage is a broken iPhone screen. Nevertheless, a broken iPhone screen does not mean you will notice any cracks. In any case, if any amount of water in your iPhone comes in contact with a digitizer, it will shut your iPhone off. Besides, a digitizer is a highly sensitive layer on your iPhone screen, which transforms touch commands into digital signals that an iPhone cannot comprehend. An iPhone cannot properly work without a digitizer.

What Is the Best Way to Deal with the Water Damaged iPhone?

If you drop your iPhone into the water, you should take it out as soon as possible. Plus, you should turn it off to open the case and take your SIM (Subscriber Identity Module), too. Afterward, you can do nothing except take your iPhone to a professional for repair. Besides, it is your best bet to revive your water-damaged device. At the same time, you must choose a reliable iPhone repair shop for iPhone repair. Fortunately, there are iPhone repair technicians who conduct safe, effective, and fast iPhone repairs.

Furthermore, you may search for an iPhone repair shop on the internet to find a credible iPhone repair shop. Once you find the right shop, you may book an appointment for an iPhone repair with the shop or personally pay a visit to a shop for an iPhone repair.


Dropping your iPhone into the water can cause your iPhone to suffer different types of damage. It is important that you quickly dry your iPhone after taking it out of the water if you drop it into the water somehow. Besides, iPhone users with water-damaged iPhones may think of Vancouver iPhone screen repair, as the water can cause a broken iPhone screen, too. In any case, there are different types of damage that water can cause to an iPhone. The following are different types of damage that water can cause to an iPhone:

  • Short Circuit
  • Corrosion
  • Battery Damage
  • Screen Damage

Lastly, it is important that iPhone users immediately take their water-damaged iPhones to an expert for a fix after taking their iPhones from the water and drying it.


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