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VPN Error Messages and What You Can Do to Rectify It?

A virtual private network aids the connection of a private network across a public one. Users can send and receive data across public networks with benefits of ease of use and saving time. The modern era offers many solutions and services that facilitate easy connection, communication, and transfers. Transporting data has become very easy and can be done with the snap of a finger. The factor which increases the preference rate of using a virtual private network in comparison to the others is the level of security it provides to its users.


However, it is inevitable to say that there are no disadvantages to this network. Since it is not an on-premise solution, you can face some technical glitches. According to, these can be in the form of error messages, troubleshooting texts, and not letting you connect to the internet. But you can quickly identify the fault and solve the issue on your own. For example, if you wish to do the Kodi setup, you can face error messages popping up on your screen. Listed below are the troubleshooting error messages and how to correct these so that you can enjoy a trouble-free service.

1. Remote Host not Irresponsive

This is a very common error that occurs. You can also see an error message which says unable to solve the IP address of your remote server. This can occur if the VPN switch has not responded to the attempt for connection. It is possible that your machine might have some issue related to resolving the IP address or that the switch may be down. What you can do to solve this issue is very simple. You just have to try pinging the destination name. If a request timed out error pops up, contact your ISP to verify if their DNS is working properly.

2. Lost Physical Connection

This statement is self-explanatory and implies that your connection to the ISP was lost. You have to try re-establishing the connection to the ISP, and then try connecting your switch to the remote network. This also depends on the operating system of your personal computer. If the problem persists even after you try re-establishing your connections, then try some free VPN for ubuntu, which a lot of service providers offer.

3. Maximum Number of Sessions Reached

This shows that the maximum figure of operators is logged on currently for your account. Sometimes you know that you are the only user of the account, but still, this error text shows up. This is because of the possibility that you restarted the connection immediately after losing the connection with the virtual private network. The VPN switch is usually taken about an hour to determine if your connection was dropped and aid you in logging into the account.

4. Login Failed, Consult the Switch Log

What happens is that in a hurry, we try to enter the username and password, not realizing that a simple capitalization mistake can fail to get you logged in. You have to verify that the username you entered is correct. Also, retype the password and then try connecting again.

If you are facing intermittent issues, you can perform a ping -t for about 5 minutes, and then press CTRL+ C to check the outcome of the test to find out if you are dropping any network packets.

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