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VPN Apps: A Simple Mobile Security Solution

By 2014, mobile Internet will take over desktop Internet usage. More people on the mobile web means increased concerns about identity theft, online security, and data security. Fortunately, there’s a mobile solution that exists ass this tech boom continues to explode: a VPN app.

There are tons of security and anti-virus apps out there, but a VPN app provides secure and anonymous web browsing and access to blocked websites in addition to the security protection. It’s online security as your browse the web, not after-the-fact when you download something or scan your device. A VPN app also assigns your device a new IP address, hiding your real one from tracking cookies and hackers.

An example of a great VPN app to consider is OCShield’s Datagard, which is available on the Android platform. Windows Phone and IOS-compatible apps are in the works. What makes this app particularly good is that it won’t slow down your device, increase your data consumption (or the cost), or put a strain on your battery life, all plusses for security apps as a whole.

A VPN app is also a better choice for mobile security than other apps because it is much more comprehensive. A VPN blocks against spyware, malware, and viruses, while preventing you from going to spammy or phishing websites. It’s very much an all-in-one security solution: route your entire web browsing through a third-party whose sole purpose is to protect your and your data. Not bad for a small monthly fee. It’s certainly much easier and cheaper than dealing with a stolen identity or weird credit card charges or a messed up mobile device.

In the future, online security and mobile security could become the same thing, with so many people suing the mobile Internet. But, for now mobile security is something all by itself and one of the best ways to have that security against any and all threats is with a VPN app. It’s better than having multiple security apps that could be a burden to your device, or dealing with a problem like malware or a malicious website because you don’t have the right security measures in place.

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Allison Midori Reilly is the CEO and Founder of Stirring Media, LLC. Stirring Media, LLC is a content marketing and news production firm that provides content marketing and business blogging services to the small business market. Prior to that, she was a freelance writer, who was published in over a dozen print and online publications, such as, American City & County,, Transport Topics and St. Louis Commerce Magazine.



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