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Virtual Reality Education Companies

What Is Virtual Reality Education?

Virtual reality education companies have been making a huge change recently through relevant application systems. These include VR and AR systems used in gaming to provide education to users. It goes without saying that virtual reality education makes a great change in the learning process of students as compared to just reading books. It enables students to retain as much information as compared to reading through books. Psychology reports prove that people remember the things they get involved in. This is especially true because the mind and sight of the learner are engaged. It increases the retention of content.

Most companies are working on better ways to boost innovations in this sector. More advances are expected with the advent of new technologies, software, and applications.

LMS (Learning Management System)

LMS is one of the most reputable virtual reality education companies. If you want to make your learning process effortless and seamless, LMS is the way to go. It is designed with full features and scalable learning experiences. Students can configure it visually and functionally to meet their needs.

The system is a web-based learning management system that operates through simple optimization that can potentially upgrade your learning experience. 8eyond based in Singapore is an ideal example of an LMS Learning Management System. Some of its key features include:

  • In-system authoring tools for interactive content learning. It allows you to use responsive templates and content
  • API and LTI integration with software and scripts from third parties. These include LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability). This is executed through REST API
  • Informational dashboard. It is a dashboard that allows the user to configure it and view all tabs and check on registered, assigned, and tasks in progress.
  • Reporting and analytics corner. It generates data to allow for reporting and analytics based on multiple standards and configurable reports.
  • Responsive Team. If you want to adjust your site’s appeal, you will want to click on the responsive team tab. These include customization of themes and cool looks to suit your preferences.
  • Local Hosting. Local hosting is hosted in Singapore on most AWS servers. An option is also available for local cloud providers.

Why 8Eyond LMS Is a Solid Choice for You

8Eyond is unique on its own. It is not like other corporate learning management systems available out there in the market. Here are five reasons why it stands out in optimizing a firm’s objectives

  1. It is highly versatile. 8Eyond allows you to manage a variety of learning tools. These include social education, self-paced learning, and blended learning. Instructor-led courses are also offered.
  2. It has several features which enable you to manage and track everything. You can also report your learning programs and updates on the web to suit your preferences. All these functionalities can be executed with ease.
  3. Maximum learning impact. 8Eyond LMS enables you to create ideal HTML5 for easy micro-learning content. Besides, the fact that your brain, including your sight, is involved makes the whole learning process very productive.
  4. It is easy to customize. It is a lot easier to customize this learning system. As such, you can manage the employee learning plans. This is often based on the learner’s skill level.

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