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Virtual Machine Backup: Which Software Should You Use?


Finding the right software to back up your virtual machine with can be an arduous task considering that there are just so many companies offering this service with different costs and technologies. If you’re looking for an easy way to overcome this, you might want to consider opting for Nakivo Backup and Replication tool for Hyper-V backup and recovery. According to their official site, here are some of what they have to offer:

Instant VM Boot

By using Nakivo Backup and Replication tool for Hyper-V backup and recovery, you will be able to avoid time-consuming recoveries. The Flash VM Boot helps to eliminate time-consuming full-scale recoveries. As soon as the VM begins to run, you can migrate the machine to the production environment for a permanent copy. This is a great feature considering that it reduces downtime significantly after a VM failure and ensures that IT disruptions do not result in lost revenue. Another use of the Flash VM Boot is that it comes in handy to safely test system updates and applications patches before applying them to the production environment.

Effective Backup Administration

Backing up your data and files does not have to be a stressful chore, and Nakivo Backup and Replication ensures that it’s not. The software has various tools that solely improve Hyper-V backup efficiency and simplify the whole data protection process.

For instance, you can set up backup policies to protect your Hyper-V VMs based on parameters such as VM size, location, power state, name and so on. Once you’ve finished the configuration process, Nakivo Backup and Replication will regularly scan your inventory and automatically remove or add VMs from jobs according to chosen parameters.

Instant Backup Verification

There have been situations where people have lost data simply because they couldn’t verify if their data had been backed or not. That is one of the things this software makes possible. They provide automated instant verification to make sure that you can access and recover your backups. Once a backup job is completed, the solution can quickly test-recover Hyper-V virtual machine backup (with networking turned off), check if the Hyper-V Integration Services are available, or take a screenshot of the booted OS, and then delete the VM. The results of this operation can be received via email or seen in the product’s interface.

Multiple Storage Destinations

Nakivo Backup and Replication gives you a wide array of options when it comes to storage. You can decide to store your Hyper-V virtual machine backups and backup copies on duplication appliances, local storage, or CIFS/NFS. Additionally, you may choose to send backups directly to public cloud storage like Azure, Wasabi, Amazon S3, just in case the primary gets corrupted or lost. That way, you are rest assured you have an extra copy.

Data Transfer efficiency

We all know how time-consuming data transfer can be, but NAKIVO Backup and Replication improves Hyper-Virtual Machine backup performance. This allows you to shrink the backup window and reduce network congestion, ultimately saving you time and stress. The software has a Network Acceleration feature that speeds up backup jobs up to 2 times while reducing the amount of data sent over LAN and WAN. That means you won’t have to worry about your production workload getting affected when you are performing data protection activities.

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