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How Viral Marketing Can Help Your Business Grow Faster

Viral marketing involves the use of different media to spread word of mouth advertising. One of the keys to this form of marketing is to provide an incentive to encourage everyone to spread the word about your products. The goal is to create an exponential growth in the effect and visibility of your message.


Viral marketing can help your business grow faster but there are some considerations to make it successful. Most importantly:

  • You must have your brand identity well established first. The purpose of the viral message is to communicate the value, style and purpose of your brand.
  • You will be at a disadvantage if you start with the idea that your campaign is going to be viral from the beginning.


Here are some powerful viral marketing strategies that can help you achieve the desired results:

1. Connect with Other Bloggers

Find and connect with bloggers from within your industry who have large subscription lists. They have targeted readers/followers who can be highly interested in your content. A key is to offer these readers something that can benefit both you and the blogger.

2. Press Mentions

Look for high authority blogs or high-traffic news sites and get press mentions for your content or site. This can help you generate massive volume of referred traffic to your site. This will obviously require you to create content that’s newsworthy. You can also have these sites mention your brand.

3. Social Media

Use social media to find influencers and inquire if they will be interested in seeing your content. Your content can potentially reach larger number of people when influential people can share them. But you should never ask them directly to share your content. Let them see your content and decide for themselves if the content can be useful for their audience. So this will require you to create valuable content.

4. Use Reddit for Promotion

Reddit has a special place in viral marketing domain. It is one of the most widely used community-based news aggregator sites. It is a highly powerful land effective online marketing tool for business. If you can get your link on the front page, you can potentially get the attention of millions.

5. Using Pinterest

Pinterest has been growing at a fast rate recently, and has huge potential for you to make your content/message viral. The Using images and infographics can be a highly effective way to drive massive referred traffic through this site.

Advantages of Viral Marketing

There are many advantages of viral marketing:

  • It can help your business to soar high in a highly competitive marketplace. It is based on a strategy that’s easy to integrate. It also empowers your viewers with the marketing guidance and tips, getting them to take your message to others.
  • It can help your business propositions to reach audience across the world. You will only be using the world of online connectivity which can include the following to name a few:
    • Online affiliate marketing
    • Interactive forums
    • Social media
    • Video sharing sites
    • Content marketing sites
    • Blogging

And much more!

  • A successful viral marketing campaign will create ripples based on recommendations for your product/service.

If you have not used viral marketing strategies to grow your business, its time you took the first step.

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Adam is a renowned SEO expert and Calgary web designer from, who has seen the Internet since its dawn. He has seen it boom through the 90’s Internet revolution, the 2000’s era of SEO Calgary and online marketing, and the recent flurry of Google updates that have rocked the SEO world like anything. Currently, he spends most of his time sharing his knowledge with webmasters and SEO experts.

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Viral content marketing is not to be taken lightly. Careful planning and effective execution can make almost any content piece go viral.