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Using A Rugged Case To Protect Your Samsung Galaxy S4

The rugged case has been designed to protect your Samsung Galaxy S4 from sudden impacts, drops and bumps. Its layers of protection will ensure that your smart phone survives where other cases have failed as explained in this article.

Tech Details

Galaxy S4 rugged cases generally have the following characteristics:

1. Ballistic Corners

The heavy-duty ballistic corners provide extra protection against shock when you need it the most.

2. Lay-On-Table Feature

The lay-on-table feature will guard the phone against scratches and screen nicks because the display will never come into contact with surfaces such as kitchen counters, dashboards, desks among others.

3. Camera Module

Similarly, the Galaxy S4 rugged case has a built-in camera module. This will ensure that the flash operates correctly every time you need to take amazing shots and photos with your camera phone.

Therefore, your phone will receive the best three layer protection you can hope for from any rugged phone case. What is more, the phone case is pocket-able. This means that you can place it in your pocket without fearing that the phone surfaces will be scratched.

Designed for the Samsung Galaxy S4, the rugged case provides additional protection for the device. The kickstand will ensure that you can view media in portrait or landscape mode while giving you easier access to the device functions and features. The rugged case is made of high quality plastics and rubbers for a firmer grasp on your hands.

Product Description

If you wish to keep your new smart phone looking awesome and shiny, you will have to get the hybrid case for ultimate protection.  This will give additional peace of mind on a daily basis. The cases are also molded to fit on the device perfectly. They will also protect your handset from hardy bumps and knocks. The sides and rear will absorb shocks from collisions. Similarly, the front lip will ensure that the screen is free of all contact. Cutouts have been made on the Galaxy S4 rugged case so that you will be able to use the handset without removing the case. The product fits amazingly.


The Galaxy S4 rugged case comes in different variations so that you can get the one that will suit you perfectly. There are holsters and carrying cases, pouches and belt- clip holsters for additional carrying and protection convenience. You can now choose from the largest selection of belt clip, leather cases and even cell phone pouches that will suit your style. The difference means that you get something for different occasions. The barrage of revolutionary protection options means that smart phone users will be able to choose something that matches their lifestyle, taste and preferences. Users can choose between the following:

1.  The Case Collection

This collection is suited for users looking for hard-edge protection. The cases are lined inside using shock- absorbent and resilient silicone. This is tucked inside a polycarbonate shell made of plastic for comprehensive protection.

2. The Rugged Case

Perfected for casual users, the Galaxy S4 rugged case features double- layered cases that will provide extra protection against impact shocks. The covers ensure that the cable ports and audio outlets are free of dust and other foreign materials. The case also has a re- applicable screen protector that will leave the screen looking bright and clear for longer. The protector also keeps your screen free of scratches from sharp edges.

Product Recommendation

Galaxy S4 Otterbox Defender/Commuter Series, Galaxy S4 Cygnett WorkMate, Galaxy S4 iSkin Exo, Galaxy S4 Ballistic, and many more.

If you live in or frequent rough urban areas with your Samsung Galaxy S4, then these are some of the best cases to get. A rugged case will guard and protect your cell phone against sharp knocks and hard falls. Overall, the Galaxy S4 rugged case is the best for working in nature and braving the elements.

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I am a freelance writer in mobile phone accessories industry. Being a fan of all Samsung products. Find out more about a Galaxy S4 case by visiting



  1. myles

    June 19, 2013 at 2:58 am

    Wow, this cover seems to be really cool, and offers great protection. Rugged cases are always awesome.

  2. shyantan

    June 22, 2013 at 4:50 am

    I must say that any one who is using Galaxy S4 must use this cover this will protect the best phone in the market

  3. Raghav

    July 14, 2013 at 9:16 pm

    using a case for any latest smartphone is important as i see, they have 5″ screen which are too fatal to lose.

  4. Brian

    October 24, 2016 at 3:26 pm

    Rugged cases are always my choice as I seem to drop my phone all the time. This definitely looks like it provides a lot of protection. Thanks for sharing!

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