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Uses of Teflon Film Sheets in Screen Printing

Teflon film sheets are one of the inevitable items when you are engaged in screen printing. They are considered as an effective tool for the protection of your shirts while a heat press is being used or this is also required while fixing those printing mistakes which might occur due to a thicker ink deposit. This write-up is dedicated to discussing the various ways of using a Teflon film sheet while you are engaged in the business of screen printing.

Thick and Uneven Ink Deposits

During the process of screen printing, this always happens that the print would turn out with a thick or uneven layer of ink. This is especially true when you are using the thicker poly ink for the purpose of screen printing. This can be easily fixed by using a heat press as well as a Teflon film sheet. Whenever you notice the ink staining your garments while you are engaged in screen printing, then you need to clean the garment through a dryer. Then you have to carry out the heat press process on your garment. You can place or sleeve your shirt on top of the press and print the side up with the help of the Teflon sheet on the top. You can then adjust the press’s heat to 320 degrees Fahrenheit and apply a pressure which might vary from light to medium. This pressure can be applied for around 8 to 10 seconds.

In case you do not have a heat press in handy, then there is nothing to worry. You can opt to use an iron instead. You can place the Teflon sheet on top of the shirt and then press applying medium pressure unless and until the print becomes completely smooth. You can also be able to receive a glossy or matte finish while using this technique. Even you can also opt for different texture as per your needs because Teflon sheets come with transparent mode and you need to imprint your design on these sheets. In case you are not able to achieve a glossy finish, then you can make sure that you can employ the Teflon film sheet’s non-glossy side. 

Foil Transfers

Teflon film sheets are indeed very suitable for the foil transfer procedure. For the exact steps of conducting the foil transfers, you have to follow certain technicalities used in gold foil transfers. In this particular case, after printing and curing the same, you will have to place the foil towards the print side of the shirt. Then the Teflon film sheet is being placed in the top of the foil and you will be required to press it away.

Heat Transfers

During the process of heat transfer, the designs can be very effectively printed onto the shirts while employing the onsite event printing and also in various other situations. You would require a Teflon film sheet mandatorily in this case. While using the heat transfers, you will have to place the concerned garment on top of the heat press and followed by that you would require placing the heat transfer paper facing down on the concerned garment. Then you have to place the Teflon film sheet on the top of the same and then apply pressure.

No matter whether you are aiming to fix up uneven or thick ink or you are engaged in any kind of heat transfer, it is obvious that you would require the Teflon film sheets for sure. You can use the Teflon sheets for various purposes and you can search Teflon sheets online to choose the best

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