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Useful Information You Should Know About WIOA

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) was recently signed by USA president Barack Obama. Various departments among others labor, education, health, human services and agriculture have collaborated to notify the public the final rules in implementing this act. WIOA is designed in such a way that it remains beneficial to all job-seekers, workers as well as the employers and any other icon in the workforce. Many people around the globe are asking themselves what WIOA is and what its importance is. Relax! The answer is finally here. In connection to that, let’s see why WIOA remains of paramount importance as far as the labor force is concerned.

  1. It marks a major reform in federal job training programs

In more than 15 years, there has not been a major reform in the federal job training programs until WIOA kicked in. It was signed and assented back in the year 2014 by president Barack Obama after passing through panel discussions in the congress where it was passed with the bipartisan majorities. The passing of this act saw a potentially new era in the public workforce as it comfortably suited the needs of all job seekers, workers, and employers reflecting the 21st-century realities. Since its debut in 2014, WIOA has been amending its rules regularly to make sure that it serves best all labor force needs as they arise. Recently, it has announced the final rules which include setting the foundation for the labor force system to effectively connect all Americans, providing high-quality and productive careers as well as ensuring that any business can access talent pipelines which are necessary for growth at the business level and the economy as well.

  1. It means improved services to people

WIOA means that over 20 million individuals benefit from improved services in every year. Job seeking is usually both tiresome and hectic. This makes the whole job seeking process challenging, especially for the fresh graduates. WIOA kicks in by breaking all obstacles between the government, agencies and service providers. It makes it easy to access high-quality services as well as help individuals to secure a job in his/her line of specialization. Another remarkable contribution by WIOA is that it uses American job Centre and their partners to provide aids such as food and housing assistance. This improves the lives of over 20 million people across the country.

  1. It helps in breaking barriers to finding a job

People who had formerly faced hurdles in getting a job or new graduates from colleges now can have a sigh of relief, thanks to WIOA. Accessibility to job training and education has been improved and rendered possible for all people from all walks of life. It helps people with disabilities, school dropouts as well as formerly incarcerated individuals to access training in both technical and theoretical courses equipping them with the necessary skills needed in the workforce. It also put emphasis in pursuing higher education for self-reliance in the future. Final rules incorporated in WIOA also have something for retired militants, which will help them in translating the expertise they learnt in the military into civilian careers.

  1. It caters for business as well as communities’ needs

WIOA helps businesses to provide guidelines and necessary information to the labor force system such that services are aligned to cover all the industry needs.  WIOA emphasizes sectoral partnerships and work-based strategies such as apprenticeship to provide necessary and quality training to workers. Additionally, WIOA workforce policies and programs are designed to facilitate the realization of local, regional and national goals for a satisfactory economic growth and development. Unemployment and reemployment remain a major concern under WIOA which works to ensure that their challenges of unemployment are kept minimal for a desired national goal.

  1. It means a comprehensive Centre for providing information and reports about what works

The final rule implemented calls for accountability and transparency in all training sectors which are required to report their outcomes publicly. This is to ensure that all those who use these services are open to information and therefore they can make better decisions on what programs to undertake. Transparency and accountability will also ensure that future investments are undertaken based on the evidence provided and data available to enhance a realistic goal.

Typically, WIOA works for everyone starting from job seekers to employed individuals to employers themselves improving living standards as far as the workforce is concerned.

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