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Understanding the Different Types of Commercial Ice Machines

Nearly all types of businesses need one or more ice machines. However, with various configurations and versions available, it’s crucial to understand what is most suitable for your business’s needs.

Some machines can’t produce certain ice shapes, so you must determine the preferred shapes for your business. This guide will discuss different types of commercial ice makers and their uses in the industry and help you choose the best one.

Modular Ice Machine

A modular ice machine is an air-cooled machine specifically designed to produce ice in high volumes. The machine is most commonly used in restaurants, hospitals, education, and grocery applications.

Each unit is 30 inches wide and is compatible with most beverage dispensers and storage bins. The modular ice machine will produce 45lbs-3,000lbs of either full or half dice cubes per day. These machines feature a stainless steel exterior to allow easy cleaning and ensure superior durability.

Its top-of-the-line ice-making technology and vertical evaporator will deliver years of ice production for years. It can also be paired with an ice bin or a separate ice dispenser, depending on the size of ice storage you need.

Stackable Ice Machine

Though this is a type of modular ice machine, it’s designed to produce ice in larger amounts in a smaller space. So if you don’t have ample space to accommodate a modular unit, consider placing stackable units one over another without hampering the ice production and incurring any damages.

It’s also a preferable choice for food and beverage startups that are unaware of the amount of ice their business will need every day. To begin with, they can rent one unit and stack more until the exact amount of ice required per day is determined.

Remember that air must freely flow around the machine to prevent heat from getting trapped and causing equipment breakdown. Stackable machines are also hard to clean as you have to lift the top to reach the bottom.

Under-counter Ice Machine

If your facility is frequently experiencing ice shortages, consider using an under-counter ice machine. The unit produces and stores ice according to your business requirements without consuming additional space. Since these machines fix into the cabinetry, they don’t need additional floor or countertop space.

It’s important to determine a machine’s capacity, cooling system type, installation requirements, and the ice quality needed to choose the most suitable model.

Under-counter ice makers not only provide functionality but also come with an aesthetic appeal. Each unit features a stainless steel swinging door that makes it look like a small refrigerator. Other versions are equipped with a plastic front lid that the user can swing up to scoop out ice.

It stores ice in a stainless steel or plastic storage bucket or bin that can be easily removed for cleaning.

Countertop Ice Machine

This type of ice machine is placed on top of the counter instead of under it. Most of these units also serve as ice dispensers — commonly seen on a home refrigerator. To access ice, all you have to do is push the button or lever, and the ice cubes will drop into the container.

This type of ice maker is also considered a safer option as you don’t have to put your hand into a bin. This makes an ideal solution for office and school settings where children are present.

Types of Condensing Units for Ice Machines

Three types of condensing units are typically used in commercial ice machines. Depending on your local and business restrictions, you can select the right one for your establishment.

  • Air-cooled: This is the most common type of condensing unit used in commercial ice machines. They’re equipped with fans to cool the equipment. It needs a gap of at least 6 inches from a wall to function properly.
  • Water-cooled: The condensing unit is housed within the ice machine and cooled by water. It needs consistent water flow to ensure it is properly cooled. Water-cooled condenser units are most suitable for commercial kitchens and businesses.
  • Remote-cooled: The condenser in this set-up is installed in a separate space or room from the ice maker. This helps eliminate noise and heat from the space. Remember that remote-cooled condensers require more care and maintenance.

Ice Machine Rental Program in Los Angeles

Professionals at LA Ice Machine can help you choose the right ice maker online that fits your business needs. Our commercial ice rental program is better than buying and owning an ice machine. That’s because our rental program offers regular maintenance and repair services and 24/7 customer support in case of an emergency.

If your machine suddenly stops working, reach out to our specialists at any time of the day to reduce business downtime. Click here to request a quote.

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