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Ultimate Spying Apps for Android Smartphone

Are you looking for the ultimate spy apps for android? Do you want apps that will help safeguard your kids or monitor your employee work ethics or even catch a cheating spouse? Well look no further, these are the best 5 spy apps for android that we think will solve your problems.


mSpy is advertised as the best spy app to track your kids and employees but with the feature set, it offers, it’s not just an ordinary out of the mill spy app. It comes with advanced features such as monitoring texts, social networks, and browser history as well as listening in on calls and Geo-tracking. A unique feature of mSpy is the ability to track snap chat. This fascinating feature will retain the snap chat content even after it has vanished from your targets phone. Moreover, this spy app will let you remotely lock out and wipe out your phone data which can be handy in the case of a phone theft.


FlexiSpy pride itself as the most feature packed android spy app with over 150 features and a myriad of uses cases from child protection to catching cheaters and employees to tracking shipments. Apart from the standard spy app features such as tracking messages and listening to calls, FlexiSpy goes further to allow you to open the target phone camera and take pictures of the surrounding. This will greatly help if you want to know the physical location surroundings of your target. Moreover, its advanced Geo tracking gives you notifications when one your target gets into a prohibited area such as when you’re under-age child visits the local bar.


TheTruthSpy excels at all spying activities and more. It a 100% undetectable as it runs in the background. The target phone owner will never know it even exists. It has been applauded for the non-rivaled ability to monitor of all major instant messaging platforms including BBM, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Viber and even Skype. Additionally, TheTruthSpy keeps a record of all apps installed by your target so you will easily know when your employees install those data consuming video streaming apps.

Free Android Spy

Of all spy apps for android, only “Free Android Spy” comes free of charge. Most of them have free trials that end after 14 days or a month but with this app, it’s completely free. This app covers the basics of a spy app such as Geo-tracking the target, looking at pictures and videos recorded and monitoring the contact book. The premium features you will miss include listening in on calls, monitoring texts and social networks.


Saving best for last, this app has been one of the longest standing spy apps. Since its inception in 1999, it has been polished and perfected with each iteration. It offers all premium features of all the spy apps for android reviewed above and it doesn’t stop there. It supports all major platforms including BlackBerry, iOS, and even the dated Symbian so no more platform barriers to inhibit tracking your loved ones or employees. One of the key features of Spyera includes the Alert Wizard which notifies you once your preset conditions are met. Ambient Listening lets you tap the target phone’s mic to listen to their conversations even when they are not on a phone call.

In conclusion, these spy apps for android will help you get that invaluable peace of mind knowing that your employees, spouse, and kids are safe and not overreaching their limits. Try any of these spy apps for android and you won’t be disappointed. You can read reviews about these smartphone monitoring apps and also get information on how to locate your smartphone or (handy orten) on Handy Ueberwachen Blog.

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  1. Jack Ramon

    October 11, 2016 at 8:44 am

    Great apps.

  2. CarolineWebb

    October 24, 2016 at 5:42 am

    Thanks for sharing.

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