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Types of Sponsored Google Advertising Ads

The most common types of google ads are text ads, image ads, and video ads. This article explains types of sponsored google advertising ads.

As part of a sponsored Google advertising campaign, you will be required to determine which types of Google advertising ads are most suitable for your campaign by the type of product or service you wish to advertise and by the Internet platform on which the campaign is focused.

The Google network is an extensive Internet network that includes the popular Google search engine, the various Google websites such as YouTube, websites that cooperate with the Google AdWords infrastructure, Google apps, mobile apps, and Google Plus. Google AdWords gives your business the ability to reach millions of existing users on the Google network and advertise your business’s services with the help of various advertising ads.

Google AdWords ads are your way of attracting potential customers to a landing page or website and thereby raising awareness of your business activity among surfers and potential customers. There is a diverse selection of advertising ads on Google that are suitable for different advertising purposes:

Simple Text Ads

The most common type of advertising for businesses on Google is plain text ads. These ads can be seen in the four Google search results at the top of the page, in the three search results at the bottom of the page, and on various websites on the Google network. A simple text ad consists of a bold headline (which describes the name of the business, a product or service of the business, and includes the keyword relevant to the search), the URL of the website or landing page, and a small amount of descriptive text.

Text ads are suitable for anyone who wants to run a sponsored advertising campaign on Google’s search engine simply and effectively with a few keywords. If you are a professional PPC company on the Google search network or a business that wants to increase the number of visits to its website, then a text ad is a great way to start advertising the business on Google.

Text Ads with Extensions (Ad Extensions)

Google AdWords provides expansion options for simple text ads. These extensions can improve the performance of the Google advertising campaign. Examples of extensions that can be added to a text ad are, for example, a phone number for immediate calling, additional links in the text ad to internal pages on the website, navigation to the business location, surfer review ratings, additional text, and more.

Upgrading text ads with the help of Google AdWords extensions is free and does not increase the price per click; on the contrary, text ad extensions are expected to improve the conversion rate of the ad if they are used effectively and correctly.

Photo Ad for the Media Network

Along with text ads, you can also post image ads that attract the eye more. Image ads are visually placed on various sites on the Google network, including popular Israeli sites, YouTube, forums, etc.

A visual image is usually more eye-catching than a simple text ad. An image ad is excellent as a complement to a text ad campaign in the Google search engine to increase exposure to a larger audience of potential customers through websites and apps or to create awareness of a particular brand.

Video Ads

An even more visual way to advertise a product or service on the Google network is through a video ad. A video ad can be a video that plays before a YouTube video or a video ad that is on the page of a website that cooperates with Google AdWords. Video ads are suitable for campaigns whose goal is to generate exposure among as many surfers as possible. For example, every time the Tnuva company releases a new milk delicacy to the market, its advertising campaign includes video ads that play before popular videos on YouTube and popular websites in Israel to reveal as much as possible about their new product to surfers in Israel.

App Advertising Ads

Google AdWords makes it possible to place unique advertising ads for the marketing of mobile and stationary applications. The ad is structured so that it contains a quick download link for the application through the Google application store. You can place an application advertising ad with relevant search words in the search engine, in similar mobile applications, and on websites that deal with topics matching the application. For example, an ad about an application for trading in the stock market can be placed with search terms such as “stock trading management” and “investment portfolio management”, in similar applications for managing shortfalls in the stock market and on websites such as The Marker.

Shopping Ads

This is a picture ad that contains a picture of a product with relevant information about the product, such as its name, price, specifications, etc. These ads can appear wherever an image ad can appear on the Google network. The purpose of these product ads is to give surfers more detailed information about the product to avoid irrelevant clicks. Buy product ads are great for online product store sites that run a Google advertising campaign for a wide variety of products.

Rich Media ads

Media ads built on animation or video adapt themselves to the platform where the ad is placed, whether it’s a website or an app, to better integrate with the displayed content and be more visual. These ads are an upgrade to image ads that increase the chance that surfers will notice your ad and click on it.

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